Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Four Years to us!

It has been four years since Bry and I made it official. We had a beautiful wedding and the weather cooperated for us at least for the most part. Bry loves to tell people how ridiculously humid it was that day, and how he was sweating like a pig on the altar. He did look like he had been soaked. A little after the ceremony we were able to get a few pictures on the beach before the rain started. That rain continued for 10 days straight, causing the chapel where we were married to loose power the next day. Lucky for us it wasn't our wedding day, though I still feel bad for the couple that did get married without the organ, or lights or ceiling fans!
I know it's been four years but I still have two regrets from the big day.
1. My bouquet
I should have gotten a trial bouquet before the wedding. I thought it would be a lot bigger and so when I look back at those pictures, I still think it looks too small for my size. I loved the flowers, I just wish there were more of them!

2. The Cake
Before the ceremony, I had given Bry orders to check out the reception site to ensure set-up was to our liking. It was there, the time right before the wedding, that Bry found out what a disaster our cake turned out to be. We had wanted something fun, like this:
I should have known that when the baker, who was included in our package, balked at the idea because "I don't want people thinking that I messed up the cake." that we would not get want we wanted. We wanted fun, and in a color palette to match everyone else- terracotta, yellow, and white. As we piled into the trolley after the ceremony, I asked Bry had everyone looked at the reception site. After giving me the details of how beautiful the tables and flowers looked, he surprised me with the line "the cake is purple!".
Excuse me? The cake did not look like anything we had wanted. Besides the colors being off, the design itself was horrible. We ended up with this PURPLE disaster, leaving me to wonder if the baker wanted the guests to think he created crap?

In the end, the music, food, and drink were wonderful. Everyone had a fabulous time, or at least that's what they told us, and we finally made it legal. It was, by far, the best party I have ever been to and I hope someday we can recreate that atmosphere again.

Happy Four Years Married Anniversary Bry! Oh, and happy 13 years together too!


  1. not only did the wedding rock, but the whole long weekend was a blast with everyone =) you know i am partial to my own wedding, but this by far was the 2nd best!!!

    love you lots
    and happy anniversary (again)

  2. Happy Anniversary! I'm sorry...I'm laughing at the purple cake. So random!


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