Monday, October 5, 2009

Half-way to TWO!

Moira is already 18 months old and honestly, I cannot believe it. Where has the time gone?
Bryan and I have the same conversation at least three times a week and it goes something like this, the lines can be reversed, as sometimes it's me bringing it up and sometimes it's him.
Me: Can you believe we have a kid? It's so crazy.
B: I know! It's even crazier to think she's already 18 months (or insert age) here.
Me: She's really awesome! (insert adjective here)
B: I love when she gives me hugs. (insert new activity like oinking like a pig, coloring with crayons, or trying to put on her own shoes).
M: I can't believe this is our life. We've got a beautiful kid, a house on it's way to being awesome, and a new baby who hopefully will be just as healthy and happy as Mo.
B: We are so lucky!
We seriously are so lucky! We've got a crazy kid who is full of energy and laughter. She is so curious and interested in things now.
She loves to try and put her shoes on by herself. So far all her attempts have been unsuccessful, but she keeps trying.
She also has been OBSESSED with her own reflection in the mirror since we've moved in here. The mirror that was suppose to go above our dresser has been permanently stored in the entry way and Mo has taken a liking to running across the family room at various moments throughout the day to "check out the baby". She'll even give herself kisses. I had some difficulty taking pictures of her full on pigtails because she was near a mirror. I think I may have deleted close to 12 pictures because she kept checking herself out.

Unsuccessful attempts!

Success and Finally Full-on Pigtails!!
While she is changing so much, she still is our wild and crazy girl and it's funny to compare how her 9 month shot and her 18 month shot weren't so different!

Happy 18th Months Moira!

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