Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Just recently I noticed that Mo has definitely seemed to take more of an interest in coloring, or rather, drawing. She asks for chalk all the time and loves to draw on the front path leading up to our house. She'll turn to the empty front cover or back cover of her coloring books and draw on her own. Yesterday we went out to breakfast, just the two of us, to the diner and for a good 15 minutes she drew on the back of the place mat. Before it was just little lines but now she's making swerves and filling up the page.
Of course, me the former elementary and special education is ecstatic! Developmental milestones being hit as I watch her interact with the paper. It's really amazing to think that soon, she'll actually be drawing with a real purpose and telling me stories about what she drew.

Her "project" yesterday was to color on leftover packing paper which I have been using in place of wrapping paper for my sister, Jeanna's birthday gift. I'm thinking that all our holiday gifts may be wrapped in one of a kind pieces of "Art by Mo".
Maybe I can pimp her out to the museum crowd like Marla's parents. I wonder what piece I could commission my 19 month old to make? We do have a large empty space over our fireplace waiting for something large and colorful.
Just kidding!

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