Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer went out with a BANG!

I have mentioned previously about our new hometown and the eerie similarities it seems to share with Pleasantville. Bry is not handy but after years of hard labor under the watchful eye of his father, he feels comfortable and confident in his ability to garden. I think that's why he is putting so much time and energy into the removal of the EVIL IVY and all the other brush that is keeping our front yard from looking like the picturesque yard it can be.
Again, our weekend was spent with Bry shoveling, and digging, and sawing pieces of overgrown hedges and digging for rogue roots near our front patio. Mo and I spent a lot of time on the front porch. She in her new $3 car my parents picked up at a yard sale while I just watched it all.
I bring up the Pleasantville comment, because as we... I mean Bry... was working our neighbors from across the street invited us over to their backyard, where we met another set of neighbors and their children. We relaxed as the kids played in their nicely manicured backyard. Mo loved their swing set and was able to climb up the slide to the top in no time flat. Of course, being the ever cautious parent, I made Bry grab her off. She loved the grass, the "big kid" toys, and playing with the kids.
We were there for nearly an hour and half when it happened.
Out of no where, she went to try and run towards the stairs to the house. Somehow she lost her footing and BANG, she hit her forehead, and face straight on with the metal handrail. Immediately it turned black and blue and swelled up. She spent all of five minutes crying on me, thrashed when we tried unsuccessfully to put ice on it, and ultimately found Dora play mats to be more exciting.
This is what she looked like at dinner that night:

Today, three days later, it's still a nice purple shade. Of course, leave it to my kid to make summer go out in a bang!

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  1. jac, it looks like about the spot that aiden walked into the wall at your parents for mo's christening party. gotta love the adventure'ism.


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