Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day Tripper

My Mother-in-law lives, year round, down the shore. Her home is but a short drive to the beach, and now that we've moved, it's only a little over an hour from our new home. YIPPEE! I've mentioned this before in my entry Shore to Please. For the past two weeks, she has been out of the country visiting my brother in law and his new wife in Taiwan. Thus, her home has been empty and waiting for Bry, Mo, & I to visit.
Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature. Apparently she has it out for us and just doesn't want Bry to see Mo on the beach this season.
Bry had initially planned to take last Monday off so we could go, but nope! Weather was horrible here- raining and stormy. So we postponed the trip to this weekend. He planned to take Friday and then we'd spend the night and come back Saturday. Giving us enough time to get unpacked and ready to pick my mother-in-law up from the airport on Sunday.
Mother Nature again laughed.
As I looked at the forecast on Wednesday and then Thursday and I just couldn't believe it. Yet again, RAIN.
We changed plans and instead of a weekend trip, we made it a day trip. The sky was a nice shade of grey on Friday as we made the trek down. Not ten minutes from her house, the heavens opened up and the rain fell. We tiptoed through the raindrops into my Mother-in-law's house, where Mo watched Yo Gabba Gabba and we sat and laughed because, seriously, what else could we do?
After about an hour and half, the sky cleared just enough for us to spend an hour on the boardwalk.
Mo enjoyed the- ahem- colorful people that dot the Wildwood boardwalk and we shared a slice of pizza at Mack's. After noticing the sky changing yet again, we hightailed it out- but not without first stopping to get some Curley's Fries- a Wildwood Institiution.
We made it back again, just in time for the heavens to pour again. After another epsiode of Yo Gabba Gabba, we got back in the car and headed home.
For a long time, we have made the trek from the shore to our various homes in teh great state of NJ. Along the way there are some really nifty stores, outposts, bakeries, and fruit stands. Since we now have an empty front porch, we took the long way home with the intention of checking out a great little wood shop who sells homemade Adirondack chairs for cheap. As we headed down the road we noticed that one of our favorite little hole in the wall bakeries- Frog Hollow Donuts was still open. We turned around, stopped by a WAWA to get some cash and a drink and then, yes, on a Friday night at 5:30 we stopped for donuts.
BUT, in our defense we were not the only ones. Amidst the raindrops there were at least five other cars that stopped at that this little slice of heaven on earth to also delve into the yummy donuts!
Nothing like a dinner of french fries and donuts!
In the end, Bry still has not seen Mo in all her glory running amok on the beach. We never did find out how much they charge for those Adirondack chairs, and I realized that while donuts and french fries are yummy going down, they are no match for a pregnant ladies digestive system. My dessert was Tums.
Hopefully we can make it down before the fall arrives, but the way the weather is looking for this coming week, we may have missed the opportunity at least for this summer.

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