Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home SWEAT Home

We are moved in.
In a nutshell, it was hell.
Besides the fact the relationships between my brother and husband and my sister and husband may be forever skewed, we did most of the moving on two of the hottest days of the year so far in our new home without air conditioning.
I do have to give hundreds of thanks to my Uncle Jim and his two teen sons- Tim & Sam who gave up a leisurely summer day to help us move. This was on Thursday, when we rented the huge UHaul to take care of the big pieces. The day after the blow-out between my brother and Bry. My father complete with hernia, called my uncle and the boys on Thursday morning and they came. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Quick recap of the past few days:
Thursday: Big Things Moving day - As mentioned above Uncle Jim & the boys ROCK! They also make sure my dad doesn't rupture the hernia further.
Friday: We survive our first night without air conditioning however when Bry attempts to let me sleep in a bit, painters show up at 7:30 to re-touch the dining, thus ending my chance to sleep in. I watch Mo in the heat without air conditioning, and attempt to prevent her from causing bodily injury with the many boxes and bags and other items she wants to play. Bryan does the last load of miscellaneous material from the rental (in the air conditioning).
Saturday: Being the good wife, I let Bry sleep in. He returns the favor on Sunday. We slowly unpack and make a trip finally to the grocery store. Mo begins to eat a more balanced diet. No more cheese and crackers for a while. We go on our first wagon ride around the block. We walk past D.A.S. (Dumb-Ass Seller's) new place and notice a bunch of cars out front. From the sounds and looks of it, we deduce that she got remarried in the backyard. By the way, her front yard is already going to shit.
Sunday: Bry lets me sleep. Unpack some more before heading to Lowe's. Purchase new washer and dryer at 10% discount- Thank you realtor. Also since they didn't have the one we wanted available for a while they upgrade us to a better version with an additional 10% off. It's my new baby, that is until the actual new baby does come.

We ended Sunday in Collingswood. One of the cutest little towns around. We dined at a great kid-friendly resturant called the Pop Shop. Besides the fact it was on Bobby Flay's show Throwdown for grilled cheese battle, it has a awesome brunch menu and both an under 12 and an under 5 menu for kids. We definitely will be frequenting this joint.
So now it's Tuesday. We're back to the normal routine where Bry goes to work and I stay here and work. Moira seems to love the new house. All the extra space is great for her to run and she loves climbing all the stairs. Once we tame the yard, it will be a great place for her to expel all that excess energy.
Now that's it's done I can safely say....
We are never moving again!

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  1. Congrats on the new house. And surviving the move. I HATE moving and dread the next move that we are considering making.
    Enjoy making your house a home!


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