Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This town might just be Mayberry.

I had posted a while ago when we first moved here that the town itself reminded me of the movie Pleasantville as most of the houses seemed well maintained and the downtown was adorable. As we have moved in, I realized Pleasantville may have been right, or maybe even Mayberry. For all you too young to remember or who never watched Nick at Night, Mayberry was the town in The Andy Griffith's Show. Everyone got along and lived happily ever after, including a young Ron(nie) Howard, the same Ron Howard who was Richie Cunningham in Happy Days and then turned into "it" Hollywood director.
As usual, I digress. Our new hometown seems like it could be the setting for a new WB show or backdrop for a Disney movie. The houses are beautiful, the downtown includes a little mom & pop store that sells lunch meat, produce, and other necessities and has been around for 80 years. People actually say hello to each other and the mailman welcomed me to the neighborhood today. When we lived in our past places, we barely knew our neighbors. The townhouse community we formerly lived in, I "knew" my next door neighbor well enough to say hello but didn't know her name, or anything else about her for that matter. I only "knew" one other neighbor mainly because Mo LOVED her dog and so we would exchange pleasantries in passing, but that was it.
We have been here less then a month and already, I know at least half the block. The neighbor to the right introduced himself and he showed us his converted first floor office. The neighbor to the left is moving the end of the month, but made a point to introduce himself and tell us (on more then one occasion) that he and his wife moved into their home when their daughter was the same age as Mo. As he was packing up, he gave Bry a wooden sled which he thought Mo could use this winter. I've already claimed the sled. (Just imagine a huge red bow and it leaning next to the front door! Perfect winter decoration, if I do say so myself!) Two neighbors have come by with baked goods- banana bread and blueberry crumb squares- as they introduced themselves. Finally, the neighbors across the street came by with their two school aged kids, a bottle of wine and a huge Minnie Mouse for Mo. After showing them our place and seeing theirs, we hung out in their nicely manicured backyard as Mo and their kiddies played. They discussed throwing a Labor Day picnic so that we can meet more of the neighborhood. Who does that?
Another neighbor even suggested that when the new neighbors move in next door the street should get together and have a block party, again for everyone to meet.
I think I love this place, though I'm a bit worried that people might be too much into each other's business. We shall see though, or at least I need to make friends with someone who is in the know.
As for the House, Bry continues to put lots of blood, sweat, and a few tears into the front yard. He is sacrificing his legs too as the mosquitoes are eating him alive. The yard has definitely been downgraded from horror status to just messy now.
Bry removed the scary storm door. The glass insert had been taped to the door frame and the screen was MIA. We now just have a lovely front door.

The dirt spots previously were covered with huge amounts of thick brush and ivy. Bry has spent at least 20 hours getting the debris cleared and finding just dirt.

Gone from the front of the house was a huge overgrown bush and leftover leaves and sticks.

The new view from the front porch. Now there's no branches blocking your view. Keep up the good work Bry!

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  1. enjoy it! We, too, live in a neighborhood where we barely know our neighbors and have lived here for 4 years.
    Our neighbors right next door look the opposite way from us whenever we see them out. So weird.
    I would love to live in a neighborhood where all the people are like your neighbors!


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