Friday, March 13, 2009

Funny how life changes...

once you have a kid.
Before Moira, Bry and I would go out a lot. We would think nothing of going out for dinner on Friday and Saturday night. Most Fridays we wouldn't actually leave our house until 8 or 9, and come home around 11 or later. We'd leisurely eat, drink, and talk. We'd laugh and remince and talk about our day at work.
Having a kid changes everything.
No longer do we dine out on Fridays and Saturdays. It's usually a late dinner, around 8:30, but mainly because we can't decided whether to order Chinese or pizza, and then we wait to eat until Moira is asleep.
Before Moira, we would visit friends all over the place. Spend a weekend in Maryland or Atlantic City. We were carefree and would sleep in.
The highlight now is trips to Wegmans or the seafood place. Playdates with friends at the park. Instead of cocktails at the Borgata, we're excited about cupcakes for Moira's friend Garrett's first birthday party.
While I sometimes think back longingly to those Saturday mornings I would sleep in until 10 or those little overnight trips and dinner out, I usually am snapped back into reality by my little girl tugging at my pants, wanting to be picked up. Smiling back at me with those baby blue eyes, and I realize, life is better because of her.
(Even when I'm scrubbing the spaghetti sauce off her face as she thrashes around.)


  1. Couldn't agree more with you last statement. Gets even better when they look at you and say "I love you mommy"


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