Sunday, March 29, 2009

quiche, photo shoots, and amoxicillian

The past three days have been quite eventful.
On Thursday we had another playdate with Mo's two girlfriends L & K. As I write that sentence I realize how ridiculous I sound. It sounds like Mo decided to plan a girl's night out with her friends, like she's fifteen or something. In reality, the moms that I went to the farm (yes, the farm where I allowed Mo to eat dirt) with and I had such a nice time together we decided to get together again the following Thursday. I also guess since we all are stay-at-home moms and our little girls are all under our watchful eyes we had to bring them too.
So that's where the "quiche" comes in!
I hate to toot by own horn, but I am make a mean quiche lorrianne. Thank you American's Test Kitchen. We had lunch together while the girls played in Erinn's beautiful home. Seeing Erinn's home made me jealous.
From the moment you walked in it just felt homey. We have seen over 50 houses thus far in our great househunt of 2009 and so the idea of having a home seems so far away and having a home as nicely decorated as Erinn makes me feel even more sad. I know, eventually we shall find something.
Back to the story:
We had another wonderful playdate. The girls get along so well. Running or crawling after each other. I really hope we continue with these outings as I can honestly see them playing together and becoming good friends.
On Friday, Mo & I made the trip to PA to visit my oldest and dearest friend Ashley. She had volunteered to take Moira's first birthday photos as she is starting her own photography business. We had such a good time, well at least I had a good time. I'm not quite sure about Ash as I never really realized how crazy it can be attempting to get a nearly one year to stay still long enough for a photo! Ash had a cool pink background set up which matched her party dress. We had balloons, a foam number one, her Moira's birthday book and a personalized party hat. All that wonderful birthday stuff to entertain her and what does Mo want to play with? The balloons? Nope. The number one? No. The book- No. Mo wanted to read a Sesame Street book and play with an Elmo phone, on the opposite side of the room.
God bless all those photographers out there attempting to get photos of toddlers! I am honestly surprised Ashley had any hair left on her head after my child! Mo did do great when we put the cupcake in front of her. She loved that icing!
After the shoot, Ashley brought back her son Aiden from the babysitters and Mo & Aiden ran around like crazy people! They were chasing each other as Ash, my mom, her mom, and I were talking. I guess we weren't watching them enough because Mo took a corner too tight and hit her cheekbone right on a dining room wooden chair.
She got a shiner! (Luckily it happened AFTER the pics!)
Saturday we noticed Mo was out of sorts. Usually she is on the go from wake-up to naptime. She started to cry and was all but inconsolable. For close to an hour she went from sobbing to full blown crying. Luckily our pediatrician has Saturday afternoon hours, so we went in. Mo made it 361 days without a prescription. She had a raging ear infection in her right ear and the beginnings of one in her left. My poor baby. No wonder why she had been waking at 6:30 the past 4 days!
So as I write this on Monday- Mo is taking an early nap. I think the past few days has left her exhausted. That or she's saving her energy for Wednesday.
April 1, 2009
Her first birthday!

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