Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just like her parents

I know people brag about their kids all the time. Heck, I bet most of the people reading this think I'm exaggerating about the brilliance and physical acuity of my daughter. I get it.
No one thinks their kid is average.
Every person believes their kid is special and unique.
Well, I know most people are lying, but I can seriously say Moira's interaction with books is frightening, in a good way. At nearly a year old, she has a fascination with the written word and pictures. She will look at books by herself. She recently has taken to bringing her favorite books over to you, will climb on your lap, and waits for you to read to her. She seems to enjoy books, which makes me, as the teacher ecstatic!!
Now, I know, many young children enjoy books, but here's the kicker.
She will turn any book, regardless of how familiar she is with it, around the correctly way. If you give her a book upside down and backwards, she somehow knows to turn it around. She looks like she's reading.
Because of her affinity for books, I feel no guilt purchasing books for Moira. On another blog written by a former teacher she mentioned a book by Robert Munsch called Moira's Birthday . I was absolutely giddy when I read about it! Immediately I went on Barnes and Noble and ordered it for Mo. It arrived today and as you can see she enjoyed it!

Moira's just like her parents. Put a good book in front of her, and she's happy.

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  1. =) aiden and mo are so much alike. they just love their books.
    i cant wait to use the book for mo's photo shoot on friday!! it looks awesome.
    love you


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