Thursday, May 13, 2010

God Bless Maeve!

I feel so lucky to have married someone who is actually a local at the beach! Not only is it a beach, he grew up just minutes away from picturesque Cape May. Way back in 2005, Bry and I married at St. Agnes Church in Cape May and then over fourth of July weekend in 2008, we went back to that same church to have Moira baptized there. Brother Bob officiated both events, and now, 2010 we again made the trek back down the shore with our family and very closest friends to baptize Maeve at the very same place. We had a beautiful day, aside from the spit up all over the gown. (Thank God it's white!) I know it probably was a pain in the ass for everyone besides my mother in law to make the trek from their respective homes, but I am so very grateful!

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