Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Snow!

It is cold!
FRIGID outside.
We woke this morning to the white stuff falling from the sky. Big flakes falling from the sky. Enough to cover the car and the ground. Enough to keep Mo and I from going to Mama & Me class. :( Of course the snow stopped at 10:35. Class started at 10:30. Instead I bundled the baby up and introduced her to snow.
Enjoy the following montage:

Just like her mama, the kid is trying to get away from the cold!

Mama sits the kid up. Obviously, she is thrilled with the weather. Just look at that face!

Yes, it's another sitting in the snow pic!

She's had enough of this crap! Photo shoot done!

She thought she was done, until she fell over. I'm thinking of A Christmas Story. "Ralphie,Ralphie! help me up! Help me up!"

Yes, I was a mean mom. I laughed, took two pics of my crying baby sprawled out in the snow in her snowsuit before I picked her up.

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  1. jac, i did the SAME THING with aiden last winter =) its normal. love the pix on facebook, her bright blues are amazing


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