Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Things about me!

This list was copied from facebook. Basically it's 25 facts about me. I apologize if I bore you, though I think I'm a fairly interesting person.

1. I need sleep, at least 8 hours to function appropriately.
2. I prefer beer to wine.
3. My list of real friends is relatively small.
4. I don't like talking on the phone too much.
5. I don't text.
6. My favorite colors are green & orange.
7. I have brown eyes, my hubby has green and somehow our daughter ended up with baby blue.
8. I am scared of snakes.
9. Someday my wealth of useless pop culture references will make me a lot of money.
10. I have not and plan not to dress my child(ren) in disney or winnie the pooh until the absolutely beg me.
11. I love summertime especially down the shore.
12. I quote lines from movies all the time.
13. Peanut butter Kandykakes are my favorite tastykakes.
14. I haven't dyed my hair in 5 years after almost 10 years of dyeing it every color of the rainbow.
15. I like learning, I liked school.
16. I want to go back for my doctorate in education but I'm scared.
17. I cannot for the life of me roast a chicken. I always undercook it or f-it up somehow.
18. I don't like to wear make-up.
19. I have a hard time spending money on clothes, but think nothing of spending A LOT on a good dinner out.
20. I wanted to have a child before 30 and lo and behold it came true.
21. I spent most of my adolescence in a bathing suit. Thank you PAY!
22. I have not found a flavor of ice cream I haven't liked.
23. My sister inspires me. She is the hardest working person I know.
24. Having Moira was both the happiest and scariest experience of my life.
25. My parents are great role models and I feel blessed to have them as my parents and Moira's grandparents.


  1. I have the same problem with buying clothes. If it weren't for my husband, I probably would still be wearing the same stuff since High School.
    P.S. Send me some Peanut Butter Tastycakes. AZ hasn't been fortunate enough to experience their delectableness on the store shelves quite yet. Ho hum.


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