Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, New Ramblings....

Happy New Year!!
Guess what the new year brought to our dear Mo - the emergence of a front tooth!
Okay, really it's still underneath the gum, but the bump is huge. Poor Mo is in some serious pain. She has hardly eaten anything the past 2 days, and doesn't seem to be her usual happy self. Thank God for baby tylenol and a little ambesol too! That amebsol might come in handy in other places, as Moira has decided to use her teeth now when nursing. You can only imagine my surprise when that happened TWICE today. Baby better learn quickly that Mama's not down for that! I'm nervous for what might happen when that front tooth comes through. (GULP!)
Beyond the tooth, we did some shopping today care of Kohl's and their Kohl's bucks. Honestly I know they give you those bucks over the holiday shopping season to get you back in the store, and they always have everything on sale. This means people like me, who rarely purchase things at full price, feel validated for buying things they don't really need. While she didn't really need new sneakers, how could I really pass up this deal?
LIst price- 29.99, got them for half-off!
Who could pass up that sale? Plus, since she's always on the move she needs some running shoes!


  1. Ouch with that tooth! Sal is teething terribly too and I feel so bad for both Mo and him! And good for you for still nursing. Happy New Year!

  2. I hate teething too. NO, LOATHE it. Luckily for me Kaiden has all his teeth now except for his two year old molars. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief.
    Oh, and uh, if I had seen those cuteloa shoes at the store, better believe I woulda bought them too! Too cute!


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