Sunday, October 19, 2008

AHH- Spa!

I have been friends with Ashley since the first day of high school. Since her last name started with a K and mine a L, we were in the same homeroom, separated by one guy with the last name starting with Ku. Anyway, Ash has been a constant in my life since then. We've gone through our ups and downs as any teenage girlfriends do, but alas, 16 years later we're just as close as those days in high school.
Like me, Ash turned 30 this year. She had a suggested going off to NY for an overnight trip but I'm not quite ready to leave Mo that long. (I'm thinking by next year, I'll be looking forward to that!) Instead, I planned a little surprise for us.
Unbeknownst to me, Ash has never had a massage before. We headed to Metrolpolis Spa for our massages. Can I say heaven? We enjoyed our hour long bliss while Bry watched Mo and Ash's hubby Chris watched Aiden. We then headed to one of my favorite gourmet shops for yummy sandwiches.

Bry, in the meantime, took Mo on a little daddy/daughter adventure to the Trenton Farmer's Market, where they bought rolls, cheese, and enough Polish kielbsa to feed an army.

I was a little worried that Ash wouldn't like the massage, but luckily she did. Hopefully this can be a yearly event, though I think next time we need more than just a massage. I'm thinking an entire day of beauty will suffice- massage, facial, manicure, & pedicure!

Happy Birthday Ash!


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  3. it was one of the best birthday presents i have ever received =) thanks and love you lots. i look forward to next time. (sorry for the 2 deleted comments prior, computer problems)

  4. I think I could use a massage right about now!
    I say next time you should definitely go for the whole spa day deal. It's sooo worth it!

  5. Welcome to SITS!

    Sounds like an AWESOME day!

    Let us know if you have any questions about the SITStahood...

    See you in Roll Call
    Tiffany & Heather

  6. That sounds like HEAVEN! Glad you had fun.


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