Thursday, October 23, 2008

A couple of necessary letters.

Dear Mo,
It is now Thurday, October 23 and you are asleep. PLEASE STAY ASLEEP! I feel so sad that Dad and I let you cry it out last night but seriously, after 6 nights of waking up at various early morning hours, mommy was stumped! Why after almost 2 months did you start waking up? Daddy and I will never know. So I beg of you, SLEEP! When Mo sleeps, Mommy sleeps and Daddy sleeps and everyone is happy!
Your Mommy

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I know you usually get letters from school-age children asking to take their baby teeth away. This time, I'm asking for you to BRING on the BABY TEETH. My poor little girl is drooling, and chomping and still is a toothless wonder. While she's really adorable, I bet if those teeth come through she will be in a better mood at night, and perhaps, even go back to sleeping through the night.
Thank you,
Moira's Mommy
p.s. I defintely think you overpaid some of the kids I had in my class last year! Not to tell you what to do, but there is no way a kid should get 5 bucks for a tooth.


  1. ha!! you're hilarious!! i love the tooth fairy letter!!

  2. Get used to it. Kaiden started "teething" at 4 months old and finally at 6 months two teeth popped through. He has been teething ever since. It looks like they are all coming in, but it just takes FOREVER for them to push through.
    I hate, no I loathe teething. Ugh.


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