Monday, November 26, 2012

By Any Other Name would Smell as Sweet....

It's Monday, Listicle day!

This week, there were two options provided by Jessica over at Jessee's Spot.

Option 1:  Share your ten favorite photos on your phone.
Option 2:  Share ten names you considered for your child(ren).

Clearly, those that know me well know that Option 1 is utterly and completely out for me. I'm not a techie person. For years, my family joked my cell phone in 2009, could be a dead ringer for the one used by Zach Morris from Saved the Bell.

I don't have an Iphone.

I only learned to text about 16 months ago...
at the insistence of my parents.

My wish list does not include any technology related items. It's not something that I have any interest.

On the contrary, I am a Name Nerd.

Certifiably obsessed with names, to the point I am regular on a message board devoted to this topic.

I like different, not made up names, and for some reason seem to gravitate to those of Irish/Gaelic roots. Lucky for me, Bryan likes most of what I like, and even suggested we use some Gaelic spellings. I convinced Bry that since we live in the States, using Méadhbh would only be problematic, and so he agreed to go with Maeve. I still do have a softspot for Aoife, Saoirse, & Mairead.  Click for pronunciation.

My love for names has always been strong. I remember coming up with elaborate names for my dolls. Prior to being engaged, Bry and I discussed future names for our kids, and imagine my surprise when I discovered sites like Nameberry, Behind the Name, and Nymbler where like minded name nerds can research and share  opinions.  

I love names, and so this second option is fabulous! 

Of course, I will not be sharing our potential names for the future member of our family, but I will however share my ten favorite guilty pleasures names in no particular order. Names I really love, but honestly could never use for various reasons. 

My Ten Guilty Pleasure Names

1. Summer
Having a last name that begins with the letter S, it really seems that any girls name which begins with the letter S does not pair well. In short, the girl sounds like a porn star or stripper. (Believe it or not I googled porn starts that begin with S and there are a lot!) Not the long term job prospect one hopes for their little pink bundle of joy. 
Summer Sanders does appear to be the exception. 

2. Gemma
I truly love this name. However, again a certain adult industry has taken it as it's own. 
Damn you!

3. Seamus
This boy's name, phonetically spelled "Shay-Mus" looks too close to semen, or at least in the eyes of Bry, and thus it's voided from our name list. 

4. Clementine
Because I love my kid, I could never subject her to a lifetime of "Oh my darling, Oh my darling" choruses echoing her every move. I love it but alas will never use it. 

5. Maximus
Isn't this a cool name? It screams warrior! Gladiator! Solider! Power!
However, again paired with our very German last name it lends itself to feel kind of wrong, almost Nazi inspired. Thus, this name is forever banned from our list. 

6. Dashiell
Another boy's name that I believe sounds very smart, intellegent, and powerful. I think the nickname Dash is fun and cute, and based off my naming patterns, Dashiell fits pretty well. 
However, Bryan disagrees, and only can think of this: 

7. Merida
Yup, the same name as the princess from Brave. 
I know. I know. I know. 
Can't do it, but seriously, doesn't Moira, Maeve, & Merida flow pretty well together? 

8. Millie
I know it's not that different of a name, but I am a fan of formal first names with the option of a nicknames. It falls into the "M" girl name, and even Mo has suggested Millie as a name in the event her future sibling is a little girl. The problem I have with Millie is for me, Millie sounds too cutesy. Some may chose to use it as a stand alone first name, but for me it doesn't work.  I have searched. High and low, I have researched for an acceptable (to me) formal first name where Millie could be used for a nickname, and I've found nothing I like.
Mildred - nope
Millicent - no way
Amelia - too popular
Camille - too stuffy
Camilla - not really my style
Emily - way too popular

9. Fiona
Bry and I are bigger people.
There's potential for our children to follow in our footsteps and be in the taller, athletic (or chubby) category.
Let's be honest here, some kids can be cruel. Based on genetics alone, should we risk it?
Do we really need to set up a daughter with the potential for this comparison?
I think not. 
So Fiona, while lovely, has been cast off to my Guilty Pleasure list. 

10. Grace
Once upon a time, I loved the simplicity of this name. It was lovely, had classic ties, and a beautiful meaning. 

And then I started teaching. 

This name is forever banished to the guilty pleasure list because I know I cannot ever forget my association to this name and the little spitfire attached. 
For the record: Christopher, Nicholas, & Ryan have been set off to similar fates. Maeve, however, got her name after a rather positive association with a Maeve my final year of teaching. I still refer to that student as "The original Maeve". 

I know I am not alone here. Calling all you other name nerds!
What are you guilty pleasure names? 
Are there names that have been ruined for you? 
Feel free to share!


  1. I love an amazing name that comes with a story behind its selection! Fabulous list!!

  2. We're using Clementine as our daughter's middle name and we got so much feedback of people saying we should commit to it as the first name but I feel the same way as you do! I just love the name but can't give it to her as her first "Oh my darlin'" name.

  3. Wow. I did't even know there were name nerds out there. You make being obsessed with names pretty cool. I was a teacher too, and there are certain names that's also forever banned from my future children or grandchildren for that matter. I just can't forget the students associated with those names - I totally get this. And the reasons you gave for all those other names? Pretty good reasons, I must say. Your future children thanks you. :)

  4. Wow. I did't even know there were name nerds out there. You make being obsessed with names pretty cool. I was a teacher too, and there are certain names that's also forever banned from my future children or grandchildren for that matter. I just can't forget the students associated with those names - I totally get this. And the reasons you gave for all those other names? Pretty good reasons, I must say. Your future children thanks you. :)

  5. Clever list of names NOT used!! I have a few names that my husband, your uncle would never, I mean NEVER be ok with. One of my all time favorites is Cheyenne. When my family took a trip out west my sister and I fell in love with that town name. Or maybe we fell in love with Wyoming. Whatever. We actually planned to name either's first girl with that name. (The race was on!) But then we grew up and found out that others were using our name. What? I have since then met a few Cheyennes and they aren't the type of people I pictured to have that name. Hmmm, guess it will be forever on my new list (thanks to you) of name-not-to-be-used!

  6. Yay! A friend to share obsessions with. You should check out Appellation Mountain--ridiculous name fun on the webz. I kid you not. Love the spin on the list. Thanks for sharing. I had an Aunt Millie short for Amaryllis---but I think that's a little too southern belle for your clan. And for the record, I like Merida. Especially with your other names. My cousin just named her baby Niamh and they call her Nevie. That could totally work with your crew too. Just thought I would add. Erin

  7. I am SO not a name person. In fact, I hated my name growing up. I enjoyed your guilty pleasure list, though. If I ever have a baby, maybe I'll let you name it? j/k. We actually do have baby names picked out for the kids we'll likely never have - two boys, two girls. Of course, we have now named our bikes two of the names. LOL.

  8. Oh I love those Irish spelled names! My sister married a guy from Ireland, so they named their kids traditional Irish names - I was pushing for the youngest to be named Saoirse - love love love that one. In fact, I forgot to mention that name in my post - which was a back-up name for my youngest. My sister and BIL ended up wavering between Niamh and Brenna. Brenna won. :) Great post!

  9. Oh, oh I forgot to say, love the name Maeve too - never saw the hard to spell/pronounce version. Some of them are so tricky!

  10. Great list! Perfect reasons to ding many of them, mostly Seamus. Seamus Sanders would have serious issues with classmates.
    Amber was our girl name, until the commercial for milk ruined it. Ever seen the one where the guy is eating peanut butter tries to answer a radio call-in question whose answer was Aaron Burr? Sounded a lot like someone trying to say Amber, and that's the only way my husband could say it from that point forward. Amber got a big ding.

  11. Names are a hard thing to decide on. Especially in my day when we didn't know the sex of the baby until the birth. My guilty pleasure Irish name is Declan. I just love that boys name! Might just have to be my next cats name since I'm way to old for more kiddies!!

  12. I love Seamus. My neighbor had a boy thins summer and with her Irish roots I was hoping her husband would approve of it. But I now see why men are not too enthusiastic about it. All my wish list of names was Scottish or Irish origin. My husband was like: "you know neither of us have an ounce of gaelic blood right??!"
    I m so excited to meet the new edition soon!!


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