Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thrice Blessed

I have mentioned that this pregnancy I feel like  all my time is consumed with Moira & Maeve. Their respective busy lives have left me little time to dote on this future member of the family. The guilt comes in waves, often replacing the thought "Oh shit, we're having another baby!" with the "I need to get the Christmas shopping done and wrapped as soon as possible" between play dates, preschool drop off, and story hour at the library.

My mind is all over the place, and I needed something to help. 

Leave it to my good friend Ashley and my sister Jeanna to reel me in and focus for an afternoon!

Three Saturdays ago, they surprised me with a Sprinkle.

Not quite the full on, over the top affair that usually goes with one's baby shower. Instead, a few of my closest friends and family members met at our house and surprised me as I returned from a shopping trip to IKEA. Some delicious food, yummy cake, and good conversation followed.

Baby's First Christmas outfit

The kiddos 

Chocolate chip & Blueberry Velvet cakes

Rudolph hat for newborn photo

The best compliment I received later from a friend was that this shower was the best, mainly because there were no silly games, a few guests of which we all got along, little drama, and really really good food!

I do believe though, however there were a few guests who left with this on the brain. 

Photography courtesy of Ashley Pierce Photography


  1. Aw, so sweet!! And ohmygoodness...that Rudolf hat is awesome! And the cakes?! Look delicious! Can't wait to see that new precious bundle :)


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