Monday, October 8, 2012

Pay it Forward

This weekend should have been lovely, as we celebrated seven years of wedded bliss yesterday. Unfortunately, our purse strings have been tightened yet again, as some unexpected purchases have come our way. Three flat tires- of which two needed to be replaced, one clogged toilet, and a broken cable box all within in the past forty-eight hours, what else, I ask, can or will go wrong?

Oh yeah, from November 7 on, I will be spending an hour or so a week hanging out in the maternal fetal medicine specialist for non-stress tests.

Don't get stressed out over it, right?

I know you're jealous.

Stasha has asked us to list Ten Compliments today. It's hard my friends, when I feel like there's so much crap going on, but I am an optimist.

My glass is perpetually half full, so I will find ten.

I will.
I will.

1. AAA- you are a lifesaver! I am so thankful for your quick response, and you are worth every penny. That mechanic you sent over was a master of changing tires in no time flat. Amen!

2. The Electric Company - So while you have introduced Mo & Maeve to the fine art of rap, you also have taught them some very great lessons in emergent literacy and reading.

3. Local Diner- I must thank you for the fabulously delicious bacon, Swiss, & tomato omelette your kitchen perfected this morning. It's nearly five o'clock, and I am still satisfied. Yum!

4. My Mom - Your knack for scouring the racks at consignment stores is second to none. Thank you for finding those faux Uggs for Maeve and the new sneakers for Mo. Two less items on my fall to buy list.

5. Moira - Thank you for deciding to nap today. Mama needed the time alone. Yes, it was to watch the trainwreck that is Breaking Amish,  but it was nice to watch a show during daylight hours without a kid over my shoulder. Plus, I know the rest was much needed.

6. My Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctor -While you did give me some news I'd rather not have heard regarding the non-stress test, I must commend you on your standard of care. I honestly trust this office- the doctors, the nurses, and the staff more so than any other I have ever met with in the course of my life. Plus today, with open arms you welcomed my two little loves into the ultrasound room as they gazed at their future brother or sister.

7. Tastykake - One word: Kandykakes! How practically perfect those delicious treats are.

8. Maeve- Thank you for your eternally sunshiny personality. Picking you up after each nap, with a smile on your face reminds me how silly in the scope of the world are these "problems".

9. Stasha & her Listicle Crew- Without this motivation, I would have been wallowing in my problems today. Taking this moment to look on the sunnier side has made me that much more thankful.

10. Bryan - I must offer my thanks for unclogging said toilet, for sitting at the tire place for close to five hours waiting for both cars to be fixed, and finally for offering to put the girls the bed. Thank you for taking care of us, and happy seven (or sixteen)!

Who or what deserves your thanks or compliments today?


  1. It's not always easy to see the glass half full but you did it! And that omelette sounds delicious. Hope the stress test is low stress as it can be.

  2. Very nice list. It is hard to think of the positives when so much crud is going on, but I find it to be quite therapeutic. I hope things turn around soon. Like tomorrow.

  3. Aw, that's a lot of crappy things to happen. They always happen in three's right? So you should be good now. I guess that was four.
    Hope everything is OK with baby.
    P.S. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Yikes, sorry about the tires. But it sounds like you've got plenty of other good stuff in your life! What pray tell is a KandyKake? I must Google that, stat.

  5. I'd say you did a fantastic job on this list! Hoping lots of good things come your way now. And less stress all around.
    Happy Anniversary!

  6. Youza...that was some eventful 48 hrs and such a positive list to boot. Way to go! :)

  7. Glass half full? Sounds like you filled that glass right to the top! Good for you :)

  8. When it rains, it's pours and then you make a ten and your life is a good one. So happy for you for having the most incredible family and best attitude ever!


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