Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Traditionally, during the Lent, those forty days and nights leading up to Easter, one gives up something they value. My friend Aly, a soda fanatic, is giving up Mountain Dew and any other carbonated beverage, while my Mom is giving up carbs. I assume my sister Jeanna is giving up cake, cookies, and sweets, as is her usual. Up until early this morning I had intended to give up ice cream, just as I have every year since childhood.

Waking up before the girls this morning, I lay in my bed, eyes closed, letting my mind wander. During those minutes, I went over my plan for the day. First to the library, for our usual story hour, then I will venture to Church alone with the girls for the first time for Ash Wednesday services. I truly hope God has a sense of humor, as I do believe Moira may lose her crap when and if the priest attempts to put ashes on her head.

It was in those minutes I thought about how I spend my day, my usual every day. I will admit I became quite embarrassed as I calculated the amount of time I spent tweeting, blog hopping, Facebooking, pinteresting, and the like.

For all the time I spent on social networking sites, I am losing out on honest, real life socialization.

I am guilty of forgoing playing with my children on occasion for blogging. It abhors me to think of those moments when they ask to play and I respond, "One more minute!" while I'm pinning silly crafts on Pinterest.
Those conversations I could have had with Bry at night are instead missed will I tweet and read updates on facebook.

How much time do I authentically spend in the moment: playing? talking? interacting? really listening?

Not enough.

I can do better.

I will do better.

This year for Lent, I will be giving up my social networking dependence. Starting today, I will eliminate those moments I spend in front of the computer when my children are awake and instead actively become involved. Bye Bye morning twitter and Facebook! No more pinning in between preschool pick up and lunchtime. And maybe, just perhaps all those pins I have on my pin board for Kids will come in handy?

Ben & Jerry's your safe this year, as I'm giving up my bad mommy habits this year for Lent.


  1. I think all us mommy bloggers struggle with this. Just not enough hours in the day to do all we'd like to do.
    I try very hard not to open Twitter or Facebook when I am with the kids - and I don't set them up on my cell phone. Just too tempting. I will do a blog post, since that normally doesn't take a long time, or maybe read a few others just while having a coffee. I think it's nice for a mommy to have something for herself to enjoy during the day....but yeah, you seriously could just blog, pin and tweet all day long if I didn't actually get them out of the house for an activity.

  2. It's a great thing. I gave up the computer 5 days a week last year during lent. It was the most productive time of the whole year. :-)

  3. That is an excellent thing to give up. I'm tempted to do it myself since it seems I'm always checking Facebook! (I went with eating out though since it was getting pricey!)

  4. Good for you! I like the spin on this. Saying good bye to social media while kids are awake. Great choice! I'm giving up coffee. My son? He's 7. He says he's giving up school. Hmmm...I think he's confused.

  5. I get this. On the other hand, I really feel like I'm actually neglecting chores while I'm on the computer more than my children. My kids don't really ask me to play with them anymore now that they're 11 and 6. They still ask their dad, who is happy to play video games with them. When they ask for a family movie night, we will do that. Otherwise, besides homework help, eating dinner together and reading before bedtime, my kids mostly do their own things. So, as you know, I'm giving up sweets this year!

  6. Big kudos to you! I feel like this too a whole lot lately. Love your idea for Lent :)

  7. I've thought about this so many times myself. I can't wait to hear more about how this works out for you! Stopping by today from PYHO.

  8. I love this post. We are meant to give up something that will bring true sacrifice and social media is in all honesty a huge part of our lives. My neighbor has given up FB last year and online shopping the year before. She says it proved harder then chocolate or wine she choose in the past. It impacted us all. We missed the UPS guy driving down the street to her house!!

  9. Such a great idea. I have stopped carrying my phone around with me when I am in the house. It was so distracting.

    When I am with my kids I try to be with kids. It is not always easy!

    Good luck!

  10. I feel that sister! Too much social networking and not enough life. I'm cutting back too:) It's worth it!

  11. Good luck finding your balance, Jackie! But once you DO find it, things will be SO much better :)


    Okay, now that is out of the way, I applaud you... like, standing ovation applaud you. Good for you for re-organizing your priorities for all lovely reasons. I did the exact same thing but it was more because with the birth of Nolan, I just had no time (nor a free hand!) to juggle online activities with two kids. I stepped away from The Bump because I had to, there was just no time, and after a few weeks, I found myself no longer thinking about it nor caring what was being discussed. Almost nine months later and I am more focused, centered, balanced, and most of all HAPPY that I have been in years. Facebook, Twitter, The Bump, my blog - they are all hobbies, things I only participate in when I have free time, no longer at the expense of my "job" here at home nor my husband & kids' attention. :) Good luck in your own journey!

  13. Good for you, Mama! Let us know the pros and cons of how it goes. And enjoy your ice cream in the meantime. . .


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