Monday, February 27, 2012

Where's the Party?

Growing up, did you like school?

Does the thought of returning to see those folks stir up emotion? 


Rachel at Totally Ovar It asked us Listicle participants to weigh either the pros or cons of attending one's school reunion. 
First hand experience from attending my ten year has led me to realize my list of pros for attending another class reunion has all but disappeared, and this comes from a gal who had a fairly okay time during high school. Attending my reunion did help my sister, whom as former class President, better prepare for her own ten year reunion two years later. She learned what NOT to do from the crappy evening that ensued, and from my own experience I can share the 
Ten Ways to Prevent One's Class Reunion from Turning 
into a Lame Ass party. 

1. Pick a Good Location
Unless it's a prom or a wedding, most people are not up for a random Friday night in a cheesy ballroom.

2. Pick an appropriate sized location.
To piggy back #1, having an over sized, ornate venue only half filled makes for a rather sad and depressing site.

3. Set the site to encourage communication
A wedding reception it is not, so steer clear of large formal tables and chairs. Such an environment prevents easy communication which is the exact opposite motivation for the evening. High small tables, food stations throughout the room, a bar all encourage guests to get up and move.

4. Have decent food
One does not want a sit down four course dinner at a class reunion.  Offer a wide variety of appetizers and snack type food and spread them out throughout the site.

5. Make sure there's a Bar
Sounds rather self explanatory to me.
Nicely staffed and stacked. Liquor makes people talk, share, and laugh freely. It also makes them slur words, get overly touchy, and emotional, so make sure to have good bartenders too.

6. Use Social Media
Attempting to swirl up classmates from the great divide has just gotten easier through Facebook and other social networking sites. Using them to encourage attendance is an easy way to expand the guest list.

7. Bury the Hatchet
(Or at least for the night)
Gossiping and whispering is so, well....high school.
And aren't we so over that?
Suck it up for the evening, paste on a smile and be nice to everyone. Far more easier then being bitchy to some twit who was mean in fifth period Spanish ten years ago.
Kill 'em with kindness.

8. Talk it up
Isn't that why one attends a class reunion?
To have a reunion with members of the class, conversation is a must. Ask lots of questions, people generally love talking about themselves and listen. Surprises may be in store when life successes (and sometimes failures) are revealed throughout the night.

9. Dress Appropriately
Again, it's a reunion, not prom. Skip the formal attire.  Also, since all the guests have graduated the same year, chances are the ages are all rather similar. Skip the junior aisle for something more age appropriate.

10. Have Fun.
Even if the food sucks, the liquor is in short supply, and the venue seems more funeral then party, make it work! Chances are the person you are now, as an adult is far more self assured and interesting than that teen at graduation.

What do you think? Solid rules and did they apply for your reunion or did you not go? Have a story to share or reasons why?
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  1. I like the way you think. I'm not sure I could put it into practise for a whole night but.... It would depend on the bar LOL

  2. I like the way you think too. I wish you had organized our 10 year reunion way back when - whoever organized it made it really hard to communicate with all the "wedding" tables and the loud band. Great post. Come organize our next one!

  3. Haha...I kind of agree - my 10 year reunion didn't really make me want to attend more. It was kind of small and crappy, and a bit too expensive for small and crappy.

  4. Love this-solid list. It makes perfect sense too. If it would just be a nice informal gathering of normal people that we turned out to be instead of a bunch of middle agers pretending to be in high school again I think reunions would actually be fun. Maybe...
    Great list Jackie!

  5. Dude this is such a good list. You should totally plan a reunion. I'd So go if I were in your class. You'd make it wicked fun!

  6. I didn't go. I was one of the horribly bullied in high school. If I went to my reunion I'd probably take too much advantage of the bar then bury the someone. (Okay, not really, but I'd feel like it.)

  7. I'm with Eve! You should plan your reunion...put Pinterest to good use! You'd rock that reunion!

    1. Imagine the fete it could be Jen if I did add my Pinterest addiction? OMG, unbelievable fun, I dare say!

  8. All sound like great tips to me! Not that I would know... ;-)

  9. What a great twist on this weeks list, I love it. These are really good tips too, you're like a party planner extraordinaire! I have not gone to any reunions and won't be going to any future ones but I could forward this list to my old classmates on Facebook that may be planning the next one! Great list :)

    1. Anna- feel free to forward my post and I'd also attach links of venues you deem appropriate to the party planners.

  10. What a great list! And I totally agree with all of it. Ours was at a crappy bar :(

  11. This is a great list. Will you plan our reunion for us? I'm not kidding.

  12. I love your practical and positive list!

  13. The title of this list cracks me up! And all of these ideas are practical and smart. Nice job! :)


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