Monday, February 20, 2012

The Cleaner

What does your mother do for a job? 

My mom had always wanted to be "just a mom" and so upon graduating high school in the business track. She spent a few years as a secretary before marriage. Stay at home motherhood began a little over nine months later with the birth of me, and for the next fifteen or so years, she relished in that role. 

As stay at home motherhood became less of a full time position for her it became necessary for her to get a job. Without a professional degree and only a few years passed as a secretary, she was left to her own devices. After a not so nice few years being bullied at the local eye doctor's office, she decided to make it on her own.  Having a great report with children, she ran a daycare out of our home. After getting her fill of changing other children's crappy diapers, she took a turn into house cleaning full time. She has since become a pet sitter, house sitter, works at the childcare area at the local Y, and most recently procured a job at the local large chain grocery store.

Tired yet? 

One would think that her time as a house cleaner would be the catalyst to keep my own home meticulous. 


I hate cleaning. 

I never find myself motivated to clean. I never have been propelled to leave the couch to sweep the floor. Never has it been deemed a necessity to scrub the oven with a toothbrush or mop the hardwoods with Murphy oil soap & water. 

So in turn this week's topic for listicles chosen by Wendy of ten things you'd rather do then clean the house was simply too obtuse. 

I'd rather do anything then clean. 

I've decided to take this one and turn it about a bit. Consider it an ode to our cleaning lady, Denise. 

10 Things I'd be Willing to Give Up to Keep our Cleaning Lady

1. My gym membership 

2. Buying Organic

3. Bravo TV 
(GASP- no housewives or Top Chef!) 

4. Some of our cable stations
(really do we need nearly 1000 channels?)

5. Take out meals

6. My collection of Flip Flops 

7. Mo's nap
(yes, I went there)

8. Wawa
This probably would  be worse at 10 pm on any given weekday when I'm jonesing for some Ben & Jerry's. 

9. Facebook & Twitter

10. Pedicures

What would you rather be doing then housework? Feel free to join the link up!


  1. When I left behind my comfortable salary to become a SAHM, I always said that I would like to use our savings, if need be, to keep on the cleaner because, well ... I'm with you!!!

  2. Yeah, I'd rather do anything than clean too! It's really not my thing. I occasionally apologize to my husband, but he doesn't care that I'm a terrible house keeper, so it all works out.

  3. I am so lucky that my husband can walk by the same cheerio stuck to the floor for weeks and not even notice it (true test). It's much easier to be a slack cleaner when everyone around you has even lower standards.

  4. I'd give up the housewives for a housekeeper, every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    1. I am a closet RH watcher, Bridget. I would, however, have a hard time giving up Top Chef.

  5. You would give up WAWA? That is crazy talk!! I must be honest with you. I always though that if cleaned for a living I would like it. It is trying to squeeze it in between everything else that I hate about house chores. Great list, brutal but honest...

  6. Okay, Stasha! You got me! I could not give up Wawa!! Who am I kidding??

  7. Haha! That is's even MORE awesome that you have a house cleaner. Maybe I need to get me one of those ;)

  8. Wow!! Facebook AND TWITTER? You love your cleaner!!! :)

  9. Oh no not the flip flops....never the flip flops!

  10. Awesome twist on this weeks list! I could give up a lot as well for the cleaning person but I sadly admit....pretty addicted to trashy Bravo reality shows. But for a house keeper, that's a tough one!

  11. I love the twist on your list and I'll admit...I'm insanely jealous that you have someone who cleans your house. I'm glad you appreciate this person so much. And giving up nap time??? Whoa...
    Awesome list! :)

    1. Denise, our cleaning lady comes once a month, and she is worth every single penny! I big fluffy heart her!!

  12. I too get a cleaner that comes in once a week to do the major clean really keeps me sane!!

  13. Ha ha ha I love your list! But to give up Bravo?! Thats just crazy talk!

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