Tuesday, February 14, 2012

That Mom

It's Tuesday a school day for Mo.
But today isn't just any ordinary Tuesday, it's her first Valentine's day in school!

The first time for the tissue box mailbox, 
the first time for Valentine cards, 
Valentine cookies, 
a Valentine party.


It's time for the adorable heart tunic and the red leggings.
It's time for the crafty and utterly cute photo Valentine cards with the lollipop, totally stolen  inspired by the Pinterest project.  

It's time for the bags of Lindor truffles and thank you cards for the teachers. 

It's time for the delicious pink pancakes with heart sprinkles made with love from mama to kids. 

It's time for Mama to come in to class and lead a Valentine theme project.
the valentine hug
by: Moira

It's time for Mama to calm the f--k down, because I'm way more excited for Valentine's day then Moira.

When did I turn into THAT mom?

Or wait,

have I always been THAT mom?

Bry and I hardly ever celebrated Valentine's day before children. Sure, there were a few nice dinners here or there, the occasional card or candy or cupcake, but nothing really over the top.

Now I'm adding pink food dye to pancake batter and trying to one up the other mom's coming up with photo Valentine's cards instead of a box of cards. I'm eagerly signing myself (and my friend Danielle begrudgingly) to plan and lead a craft for Mo's preschool class.

I'm drinking the Valentine's day Kool Aid, this year. Hell, as I'm typing I'm wearing red & white heart socks.

What has become of me?

I've only been a mom for less then four years, but based on the facts, I think it's clear to say, I am THAT mom.

I'm the one that gets overly excited for birthdays and holidays. The mom that starts planning birthday parties months into advance. The one that has a gift closet, and puts way too much time and energy into things.

I'm THAT mom.

I'm the one taking photos of every silly milestone. The mom that has a multitude of pinboards on Pinterest dedicated to celebrations, party planning, & kid crafts. The one whose kids seem to have overtaken my life.

I'm THAT mom.

I'm the one that looks for that smile. The mom that can't wait for the laughter. The one that is fueled by the whispered "Thank you!".

I'm THAT mom, and I guess, for now, I'm okay with that.

Plus, I've got a fourth birthday party to plan for Moira. Those parties don't plan themselves so I don't have time to worry.

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  1. I was that mom until I was up until 3 am the morning of the school holiday party and 4 am the morning of the school friendship party when Jordan was 4 years old. That was 13 years ago, and I was done.

    Have fun!

  2. I hope my boys get invited to parties thrown by "That Mom". "That Mom" sounds super cool! Keep drinking the Kool-Aid ... it looks great on you!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. If you are "that mom" then I want to be you! Your pictures are adorable. And I love that Valentine's Day card project you borrowed from Pinterest. "This mom"=too lazy, but love seeing how cute yours turned out. Embrace your "that momness" it's pretty darn awesome.

  4. I love 'THAT mom' and wish I were more like her :) You are pretty amazing!

  5. I love your Valentine's hug craft project! That is SO cute!
    Signed, One of those "That Moms" (-:

  6. I think your daughter is very blessed to have you as THAT mom. :)

  7. I wish I could be more like "that mom." I'm the mom who had her husband run in the store on the way home the night before Valentine's Day because she forgot to get any Valentine's at all. Your daughter is very lucky!

  8. Love the cards with Mo's smiley face. See, I a, that mom too :)
    Wonderful post Jackie, I was just thinking this yesterday...

  9. Oooh, Jackie...I am SO jealous of "those moms"...you seriously did GREAT!! But really, I'm so jealous. And my post about being one of "those moms"...I wasn't talking about you ;)

  10. With so many moms like me, we need moms like you :)

  11. Sweet. If you are going to be THAT mom, I am glad you are choosing to be the one that's over-the-top in love with her kid and NOT THAT one that, well, isn't. You might change your mind as she gets older. You might not. Don't let anyone steer you away from being just the kind of mom you want to be. -Erin

  12. "That Mom" is a great mom. One: Because those are some of the cutest valentines I've ever seen and Two: because your enthusiasm and love is going to rub off on those beautiful girls...and how could that be a bad thing?

    Great post :)

  13. Valentine's Day was the BEST in school. You're doing a good job as "That mom"

  14. I have always struggled to be THAT mom, but have found my gifts for parenting to lie elsewhere. Valentine's came and went with minimal fanfare. Luckily, my girls are older. Though, I know they would have enjoyed some VD pancakes instead of a Luna bar and some milk. Enjoy who you are...I surely enjoy reading about you.


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