Monday, February 13, 2012


This week's list, in honor of Valentine's day tomorrow is LOVE!
For a moment, I thought about writing something off task, since we're not much of a Valentine's couple, but I thought I'd lose my listicle privileges, since it is the Madame de Listicles anniversary week, after all.

Like I mentioned, Bry and I aren't really the traditional Valentine's day type couple. No chocolate covered strawberries or long stem red roses here.

When I hear people talk about how much work marriage is, I can't sympathize. Not because our marriage is always perfect, but mainly because for the most part, our marriage is easy. I can say that because when you are married to your best friend it can be.

So today, on the eve of Valentine's my list is dedicated to the ten ways we show love in unconditional ways. Might not work for anyone else, but for us, it's perfection.

1. Sleep
He lets me nap. I let him sleep later in the morning.
Can I say win - win?

2. Division of Labor
We know what we're good at, and so for the most part we stick to that. He's more mathematically inclined, so he does the books. I am organized and anal, so laundry is for me. If something needs to be put together, I'm the one for the task, while if we're planning to entertain, nine out of ten instances it's Bryan in the kitchen cooking.

3. Sixth Sense
Brace yourself, we might have super powers!
I do believe we have ESP, and can read each other's minds.
It sucks for our kids, but for us it's wonderful. Most of the time, I don't even have to make eye contact for him to realize what I need or want, and vice versa.

4. Team Vomit & Team Poo
Yup, I went there.
If a kid is puking, it's all Bry. While I am on dirty diaper duty.
Kind of weighted heavily in his favor, however on those puking days, I am so glad it's him cleaning it up then me!

5. Honesty
Okay, okay, I know honesty is important in every relationship. But this is a different kind of honest. We practice the "it might hurt you first, but you'll thank me later" philosophy. He'll let me know when the outfit I'm choosing makes me look like a cow, and I'll let him know flatly the idea of a tattoo at 33 on his arm is a silly and stupid idea.

6. My sweet tooth
He will drive to Wawa at 9:30 to get me a pint of Ben & Jerry's just because I mention it.
If that isn't love, then what is?

7. Laughter
We share a dry, sarcastic, and ridiculous sense of humor. We love to laugh at, with, and because of each other.

8. Bathroom
He always leaves the toilet seat down.

9. Parenting
He tells the girls repeatedly how lucky they are to have me for a mom.
Do you know how great that feels on a day when nothing seems to go right?

10. Wardrobe
There are guys who prefer their gal all dressed up, hair done, make up on, in their highest heels, and flashiest dress.
That's not Bry. While he doesn't mind me dressed up, he has made it clear he prefers it when I'm in a t-shirt and a pair of soccer shorts. That's when he says I look the most beautiful.

Happy Valentine's Babe! Consider this your gift ;)

Got him first!
October 2005


  1. Now THAT is a funny list! Especially because I literally just ask my husband to go get me some salmon from the store because was craving it. (My Ben & Jerry's is seafood.... I weird, not pregnant! LOL). Seriously, love the list... I think my hubby should read the point about letting me nap in peace though...

  2. Team Vomit and Team Poo! LOL - love it! Great, fun list. Sleep is so important as well. Hope you have a great Valentine's tomorrow, celebrated or not :)

  3. Ben & Jerry's at 9:30? That IS true love! Also loved that "Consider this your gift" thrown in the end. :)

  4. What a fun list. Love that division of labor and the divvying up the poop and puke duty. That's the glue that sticks for the long haul. Happy Valentines!

  5. You two sound like a match made in heaven!
    What a great list. I'm with the others...he'll go get you ice cream at 9:30?! That is pure awesomeness :)
    Happy Valentine's day!

  6. thank you....I need to get right on writing up a vomit and poo contract!
    It quite surprises me how we stay together when we are so NOT on the same wave length most of the time.
    although, I think we often do have the same goal in sight - just very diverse methods of obtaining that goal.

  7. Hahaha. This is great. Love the picture (and glad you got him first!!!) Also, I am from Vermont, so ben & jerry's is a staple. I had friends who worked there throughout high school and was provided with many free pints..mmmmm

  8. You marriage sounds a lot like mine. Just the other night Mark ran out for ice cream at 9:30. He will do the same if he notices I'm out of coffee mate or wine. I'm better with the morning routine and he's better at bedtime. We're a good team!

  9. It is ALL about division of labor. :) I too feel lucky to have married my best friend - and we have gotten closer every year due to the fact that we both see our relationship as a partnership. Sometimes he needs more help, sometimes I do - but we both give when we can. Really enjoyed reading about what works for you.

  10. LOL, great list. You're made for each other.

  11. I love that you have split up vomit and poo duties. That is awesome.

  12. For #6 and #8 a man will have my heart forever. Tell you what, we are not Valentine's day people around here either. We used to be anniversary people, now we just agree on buying Lego's for the kid we can then play with together :)
    But I am crazy about love and yours is the right kind to be crazy about.
    Happy lovers day J&B!

  13. Love your list! It's awesome that you can just be yourselves together and know what's good for the other. I especially loved the one on parenting. That is very cool.

  14. This is so sweet. I love how you two fit together like pieces in a puzzle. Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  15. Aw! You two have obviously made marriage work for you. How sweet!

  16. Sounds like you both found the one you were meant to be with...and perfect that you're best friends with super powers. Happy Valentine's Day!

  17. Love this list. Sounds like a wonderful partnership.

  18. You guys do seem to be made for each other. I love that he tells your kids they are lucky to have you for a mom - one of the best things he could possibly do for your future relationships with them. Awesome! Happy hearts day! P.S. Hubby and I don't generally celebrate Valentine's day either. :)

  19. I LOVE your list! Sounds like you have a wonderful guy! And you work great together :)

  20. it's all about the partnership, right? my husband left our office, drove to the sandwich shop, and drove back, bringing me a sandwich (even though he had a lunch appointment and wasn't eating), just b/c I couldn't leave the office and was STARVING. That meant more than any roses... it's the little things, right? Not glamorous, but being glamorous on a daily basis is REALLY exhausting!


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