Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Little Game

Do you know who this band is? 

As this band has overtaken the preschool set and currently sits #2 on Billboard's Kids Album charts. Their short catchy little ditties have the ability to permeate one's brain and get kids off their feet, hip, hop & popping about. 

The Fresh Beat Band  seems to be everywhere: 
on TV, 
the radio, 
nearly selling out a  national tour.
Try as I might to hate them, 


I like the Fresh Beats! 

There, it's out in the big old blogosphere. 

I Like the Fresh Beat Band,

Actually I should elaborate on that point. 

I LIKE the Fresh Beat Bands Music. 

They seem to be popping out more tunes then Taylor Swift! Is it just me or are those lyricist on to something? With that being said, 
how about a little game of Fresh Beat or Not? 

The rules are simple. 
There are ten sample selections of lyrics. The game is to decpiher whether they are  a Fresh Beat song or that from the Grammy class of 2012. 

Guess whom these lyrics belong. Get out your pens and paper. 

Answers will be revealed at the bottom of the page. 

Let's Play!

Quote 1:
If you're feeling kinda stuck and you just can't shake it.
You need a fresh new plan but you just can't make it.
Well don't give up, nuh, just don't you quit,
C'mon let loose, and do a banana split.

Fresh Beat or Not?

Quote 2:
He got that Super Bass
Boom Badoom Boom
Boom Badoom Boom Bass
Yeah that's that super bass.

Fresh Beat or Not?

Quote 3:
Throw your soul through every open door
Count your blessings to find what you look for
Turn my sorrow into treasured gold

Fresh Beat or Not? 

Quote 4: 
I jump up like the sun 
Cause a new adventure has just begun
I can barely wait to lace up my shoes
Morning's like a smile I can't refuse

Fresh Beat or Not? 

Quote 5: 
Get yourself on the dance floor right now
Get your music on
I know you know how
Let the rhythm take over your two feet.

Fresh Beat or Not? 

Quote 6:
You don't have to feel like a waste of space
You're original cannot be replaced
If you only knew what the future holds
After a hurricane comes a rainbow

Fresh Beat or Not?

Quote 7:
Turn up the lights in here, baby.
Extra bright. I want y'all to see this. 
Turn up the lights in here, baby. 

Fresh Beat or Not?

Quote 8:
Your the smile that makes time fly by
You make me laugh
You don't have to try

Fresh Beat or Not?

Quote 9: 
Just shoot for the stars
If it feels right
And aim for my heart
If you feel like

Fresh Beat or Not? 

Quote Ten:
Hey Girls, Shout it out
Put your Hands up
Put your Hands up

Fresh Beat or Not? 

That was 10. 
Are you ready for those results? 

1. Fresh Beat

2. Not 

3. Not

4. Fresh Beat

5. Fresh Beat

6. Not

7. Not

8. Fresh Beat

9. Not

10. Fresh Beat

Nicki Minaj! 
Katy Perry! 
And the Queen of the Grammy 2012 Adele too!
Yup, I went there. 
So how did you do? 

They are a catchy little group, right? I bet you even enjoyed it a bit too. 

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  1. Love it! I didn't do so hot on the quiz, ha! As long as we're admitting things. I love Yo Gabba Gabba! And I don't even have a kid. There's definitely something wrong there...but oh well!

    1. Katie there is something endearing about YGG.

  2. I did terribly on the quiz - guess that says a lot about how I'm totally not keeping up with today's music!

  3. I super-failed the quiz but I've never even heard of the Fresh Beat Band, which means I've passed the test on sequestering myself from pop culture. Can I get a little extra credit for that?

  4. Welcome to MY WORLD Louise! Pop culture used to be "my thing" then I spawned and now it's mini-pop culture.

  5. That was fun. You just busted my I-think-I'm-a-cool-mom bubble, because I completely bombed the quiz. Probably best to start staring this ugly reality in the face. Erin

  6. Love it! I have a secret fascination with the FBB as we listen to them all the time with our minis. You handled this post "just like a rock star:)"

  7. Haha!! I'm not with you on this one, Jackie. I find the Fresh Beats a little irritating...but I do like the non-Fresh Beat music you have on here :)
    No offense

  8. How funny! I got most of them - not because of the Fresh Beats though, but because I have teenagers so I know all the pop songs!

  9. I will now seeing Rolling in the Deep the rest of the day. Love Adele except when she won't get out of my head!


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