Thursday, December 18, 2008

A nickname is a nickname

It has recently come to my attention that my brother-in-law has told my mother-in-law that he won't call Moira, Mo. His reason- (paraphrased of course) is that when he thinks of Mo he does not think of her:

He instead thinks of him: This Moe Szyslak from the Simpsons. I think besides the obvious physical differences between my Mo and this Moe, they spell their names differently. Plus our Mo is real, while Moe is a cartoon!

It gets better, he also said he thinks of this Moe:

Again, physical similarities are huge. Moe is an actor, and his real name is Moses Horowitz. Doesn't sound like Moira, does it? Our gal is Mo not Moe.

I guess this little comment got to me for some reason. I love Moira's name, even though a lot of people have trouble pronoucing it correctly. (Not Maura, Not Mara, Not More-A, MOIRA, Like TOY.) Bry and I also found "Mo" as nickname to be adorable. We went to college with a Maureen who played soccer and went by Mo. We loved how easy it was to shout "GO MO!" when she was playing and thought that it would neat when Mo plays soccer or swims to shout out "GO MO!" to our own dear daughter.
Now Uncle Casey had to say this comment so I had to search. Are these the only Mo's he could think?

Mo Rocca- A comedian, usually you see him on VH1
Mo Gaffney- Another comedian
Mo Collins- Yet another comedian, she was (is) on Mad TV
Mo Cheeks- Former 76ers Head Coach
Mo Evans- A basketball player
Mo Peterson- Yet another basketball player
Mo Vaughan- Baseball Player and Seton Hall Alumni
Mo Williams- ANOTHER basketball player
So overall, I guess with a nickname like Mo, she is destined to either a career in comedy or basketball. Not too bad!

I must admit, I also searched the name: Moira besides finding Moira Kelly- Think either One Tree Hill or The Cutting Edge. I also found Moira Shearer a ballerina/actress who starred in the Red Shoes. I should tell you the day before Mo was born, this movie was on t.v. as was The Cutting Edge. I guess that was my "sign" that I was going to have a girl. I also found Moira Brown . She's actually a whale researcher. Not too shabby!
But I digress.
Back to the Mo debate- Moira is and will be Mo forever, or until she tells us otherwise, so Casey get used to it!

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