Sunday, December 21, 2008

A "Poo" Christmas

Disclaimer: The following post includes an incident w/one dirty diaper. Read at your own risk!
As Mo gets older, our pediatrician told us we could start her on more table food. Like any child trying something new and exciting, Mo has inhaled pretty much every morsel of people food we have put in front of her. This includes: macaroni & cheese, yogurt, pancakes, meatballs, & most recently stew. (All of these foods are mushed into teeny tiny pieces!) I make a mean stew, if I say so myself, and Mo really seems to enjoy it. I guess, like anyone who tries something new, sometimes it doesn't quite agree with your system. It may back you up, and it appears stew does this to Mo.
We learned it the hard way!
We made a trip down the shore to visit Bry's parents this weekend. The ride takes about an hour and 45 minutes. We planned it appropriately to leave right around her first nap of the day. We put her in the adorable outfit my mother-in-law purchased her from the tres' chic baby shop in Cape May. She did look like an adorable elf! Anyway, as we were packing up the following conversation occurred between Bry & I: (feel free to insert a certain expletive for poo)
Bry: Did Mo poo today?
me: Uh, not yet.
B: Crap, she's usually pooed by now.
me: Our luck she'll have a blow-out in the car seat.
B; We definitely should bring a change of clothes.
me: Got you beat! There's an extra outfit in the diaper bag and along w/her snowsuit on the hanger, I also put another outfit.
B: Nice!!
We both were so psyched that we thought ahead. Honestly, I think we may have even patted ourselves on our backs and high-fived. We had everything we thought we needed....or so we thought.
She slept most of the trip and the rest of the trip was a happy baby!
We pull into the parking lot and before we go into see Bry's dad, we decide to change Mo in the back of the car, as there's really no place to change her inside. (I should also set the stage that this is December in New Jersey, so it's a little chilly!) She seems fairly happy as I look into the window, but as soon as I open the door.
BAM! The smell of poo hits me!
The stew went through her and her diaper and her pants! Nothing on the car seat, THANK GOD! I attempt to change her but, crap (no pun intended) I can't take her pants off quick enough because today was the day we decided to try her in the new tie up WHITE shoes. Double crap, there's poo all over the onesie. Now I have to take off her coat AND sweater to get to the onesie! CRAP AGAIN, she's squirming and now there's poo all over her legs, and socks, and oops, the shoes..the white shoes! I don't even realize there's poo on my hand until Bry starts pointing at me as he hands me wipe after wipe. Our poor girl is crying, Bry is gagging (weakened by her stew poo) and I'm trying to clean up this mess!!!
Like I said before, Thank God we brought a change of clothes. After using all the wipes we had, she's finally dressed. We had extra of everything except socks and she looks darn cute.
We go in and hang out with Mo's grandpop and grandmom and she is AWESOME! She looks cute too!
We take an unexpected trip to Marshalls were we pick up some socks, a cute pair of boots for Mo, and some wrapping paper. We then hang out at Bry's mom's house for a little bit before bundling up and walking around Cape May.
All in all, we survived! Lesson learned: make sure to pack socks!

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