Thursday, December 29, 2011

12 in 11- The Written Edition

1.) This year in blog posts…choose a favorite post from each month of 2011 and share.

This year was filled with a lot of ups and few downs, but overall an amazing year.


This new year began with Maeve celebrating her first birthday with me doing my best Martha.  Overplanning. her Winter "One"derland party with tons of red, aqua, and white, became my obsession during the start of 2011. Besides the pin the nose on the snowman, activities were relatively laid back. Our guestlist was tiny, however having our relatives from Taiwan present made it that much more memorable.
Maeve and her cousin Blaise


During February, in the post entitled Bathroom Bully I lamented on my epic failure with potty training. I shared my fear that I would be changing Moira's diapers during Kindergarten.
Fun times, fun times!

No doubt, running away from the potty!

My grandmother's collection of blue glass inspired the post Blue Glass & Ivory Soap.

While Moira's birthday party took centerstage the beginning of the month, our long, long, long trip to Target best exemplified were I was in parenthood during April.

How many Mo?
This year, I really believe I have discovered my voice as a writer. In a prompt from the site formally known as the Red Dress Club now Write on Edge, I discussed my defintion of Pride here, cellulite and all for the world to embrace!
One of the few photos of me taken this year.
In one of my most favorite posts ever, I discussed grocery shopping and the car cart. In Stalker, I complained of those who misuse my secret weapon for successful grocery shopping trips and praised that regardless of their rather bulky size, they still are a necessity for me.
With the loss of my father in law, I took a moment to remember Buddy.

In a rut,  Days Like These had me writing of the nearly suffocating heat as we headed for yet another trip to my parents for refuge in the air conditioning. I had had about enough, when it was Moira who made me stop for a moment and take in the little things.
My Beach Baby enjoyed the heatwaves
With School Days, the momentous occasion of her first first day of school was shared. With smiles and a new red backpack with soccer ball, she was set. Everyday has been a blast since!
 I seriously contemplated giving up stay at home mom status for a job back in the classroom. With Back to Work? I debated my choice, and ultimately chose to put off the transition for the future.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I got a little creative and Thanksgiving Prose was the final outcome.

Maeve had a clear opinion on Mommy's blogging this year!
Finally, as the year came to a close, instead of sharing news of my pregnancy, I wrote of my loss in Not The Way I had Planned. .
As not to end on a sad note, I think A December to Remember, Ha! gave me a chance to be light and happy again.
See ya later 2011!
I realize technically I have chosen more then 12 posts for this year, however, I think with any missing, it would not have been a true representation of what 2011 had done for me. It was one helluva year!
Bring on 2012, I've got the champagne on ice already!

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  1. Your pictures are great - looks like a lot of fun was had. Love the sign your girl is holding for Preschool. What a great idea! :>

  2. I don't know how I missed it but somehow I did....Days like these!

    That is some amazing writing Jackie and the picture of your daughter on the beach; breathtaking!

  3. I love seeing these posts because it's a great way to highlight the best you've written. Can't wait to dive in more to your blog!

  4. Love this recap of yours and the pictures to go along with. :)

  5. Love seeing photos of girls through the year. Such happy girls. I think we should start discussing Moira's future with my son.

  6. What a lovely recap. The new picture at the top of your blog is great!


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