Friday, December 30, 2011

12 in 11- The Photo Edition

As I scour the photos I have accumulated this year, I cannot believe all we have accomplished, all we have experienced.

 This year has truly been remarkable.

I realized a few things:

1. My photography skills leave much to be desired.

2. I have taken a ridiculous amount of pictures this year.

3. I rarely, if ever, am captured on film.

4. I really do have a pretty good looking family.

5. Wow, we did a lot!

Not soon before Maeve's first birthday, I had the quiet realization that the girls actually started playing together.
Their first tea party in our playroom, captured in January

On her first birthday, I had grand hopes of a cake smash of epic proportions with the hand made snowman cake. Instead, it turned into the emotional meltdown of epic proportions!
Poor Maevie baby, but it was a Happy first birthday!

We were reunited with Bryan's brother Casey this January as he visited from abroad, meeting our girls for the very first time. This visit also afforded us the opportunity to meet his lovely wife and son.
Most memorable, indeed!

Moira vs. the Potty
Someday she'll hate me for this photo
Thankfully, diapers went bye-bye around someone's third birthday!

My..I mean Moira's Somewhere Over the Rainbow celebration

Fresh Beat Band at Sesame Place
Front Row
Major parent points for Bry & I on this one!

Our first beach trip of the season
Maeve hated the beach

By the end of the summer, I had to fight to get them to come in.
My two little beach bunnies!

Where did the time go?
This September at the ripe old age of 3, Moira started preschool.

Halloween 2011
Reusing that Dorothy costume from her birthday, I had fun with tulle to transform Maeve into Glinda.
After a summer of anticipation, Moira finally was able to play Tot Soccer. With Bry as the coach, we braved the field early each Saturday morning. Looks like the start of something beautiful, my girls & sports!

Holiday hugs & Giggles

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  1. Such adorable photos! I love the one of Maeve hating the beach.

  2. Fun pictures! I'm almost never captured on film either. I think it's a good thing:)

  3. What a lovely year. Your youngest crying about the cake and the beach...sounds like my youngest. After raising 3 boys I was worried that she cried about everything but she grew out of it. Loved your look back my fav was def the last...those pig tails and giggles - adorable!!

  4. Busy, full, and FUN!

    Happy 2012 to all of you!

  5. What a great look back, my daughter would have loved to see Fresh Beat Band that close and it was the year of the potty seat for us too! Thanks for linking up.

  6. ah...such fabulous moments captured! I can relate, I have a bazillion photos and rarely am I caught on camera.

    Isn't it funny the links we will go to rid ourselves of dirty diapers...with my 1st I used to put the potty seat up to the table set toys, books and sometime even in front of the TV and the 2nd was totally different -- one day she just decided she wanted to use the toilet and that was training.

    Such adorable pictures!

    12 moments captured 2011


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