Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Letter

Wrapping paper pieces covered the floor, as the last of the boxes was opened. Maeve held the stuffed Cookie Monster securely under her arm, as she paraded around the living room, while Moira walked over to her father's embrace.
"Did you get everything you had hoped for." I asked. Her blues eye met mine, and without hesitation she began.,
"Santa didn't bring me the accordion or the drum kit. He didn't get me the *twister too."
*turntable, microphone, & headphones that a DJ would use
"Were you naughty?" Bryan asks.
She is adamant, "I was more nice then naughty this year. I promise!"

This year, at three and half years Moira "got" it. She understood the idea of naughty and nice, and after a few conversations, she respectfully created a wish list of only three items. The list would occasional change as friends and family would ask, but when sitting on the big man's lap, she asked for the drum kit, an accordion, and a twister set. From that day on, those were her three things. She understood that Santa would most likely only be able to get her one, but she understood. There were many children who wanted gifts and she did not need to be greedy.

And here it was, Christmas morning and under the tree there was no accordian. There was no twister, or drum kit.

She could not hide her disappointment.

I knew how to cheer her up.
"Remember last night when we got home from Mom mom's house late?" I asked.
"Yes". she nodded.
"Well, because it was so late you and Maevie didn't get a chance to put out cookies and milk for Santa".
Her gasp filled the room.
"Don't worry" I said, "Daddy took care of it. He put out a few cookies and milk, and a carrot I think? Why don't you go check it out."

She scurried across the room, to the dining room table. Maeve at her heels, unaware of the mood instead interested in chasing her sister.

"There's a letter! There's a letter!" she screamed. "Can you read it Daddy? Can you? Can you?"

Her mood had lifted, as a note from Santa found it's way into Bryan's hand.
In a loud voice he read,

At breakneck speed, she ascended the stairs, leaving the rest of us in her dust.
Up the stairway

Do you see the plaid pajamas through the rail?
Grabbing Maeve and placing her on my hip, we followed.
"Slow down!" I yelled. "Daddy needs to check it out before you go in!'
With camera in hand, he captured that moment.
The one she had been waiting for since she first asked.

Little Girl and her red drum kit

Of course, her sister had to have a turn as well.

As we returned to the kitchen an hour or so later, I casually asked Mo what she thought about Christmas this year.
"Mommy" she said, "This was the best Christmas ever!" as she threw her arms around my waist, hugging me tightly.

I agree Moira. I agree.


  1. How fun! I love there names. So beautiful.

  2. Or their names. Oh shoot I must be tired. :)

  3. I loved this post Jackie, the kids are so cute at that age, so innocent and sweet.

    And a little girl musician is just plain cool!

  4. What an awesome surprise for her!! Awesome pictures and awesome memories :)


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