Monday, December 5, 2011

Nice Girl List

Last week, Stasha gave us the guidelines for this first Listicle of December. She wrote "next week make a Christmas wish list please. The only rule, it must be for YOU. We are all making someone else happy and that is all swell, but let us write down what WE want. May it be world peace or a new pair of stilettos, pop it on YOUR list."
Something for me?
What is this idea of creating a list of my own desires?
I am a bit scared, my friends. Where do I start? Initially, I thought I would keep this list to the real world and forward it to my loved ones as a hint for the holidays. Keep things budget conscious, as I usually do. However, I said screw it, and decided to go big, really big.
Budget, Ha!
And Santa, if you are reading, I have been really good this year. I've eaten all my veggies, said my prayers, and been nice to my parents, children, and husband. I hope you consider me for your nice list.

My Nice List
1. Burberry Scarf
There is something about Burberry plaid that makes my heart skip a beat. Perhaps it's the classic style that appeals to me.  Wrapped around my neck on a cold January day, this scarf would dress up any day.
2. Blue Ball Jars
I may be the only person asking for these for Christmas, but I love them. I have written about my grandmother's collection of blue glass which is now mine, and I believe these jars would make the most beautiful and complimentary centerpiece for our dining room.
3. A Personalized Sign from Barn Owl Primitives
The talented Kristi from Barn Owl Primitives makes some of the most adorable typography word art. Taking inspiration from children's songs like You are my Sunshine or creating Family Rules boards, I find myself imagining these pieces in bedrooms, family rooms, and playrooms in our home.
So cute & so crafty.
4. Fun Skirts
I spend most of my days in jeans or yoga pants. Being a full time mommy of a toddler and preschooler, means that my need for cute and flirty winter skirts is non-existient. I love the collection of fun skirts from Boden, and only wish I had some place to wear them.

5. Mom Car
I drive a minivan.
I don't mind it.
 I'll even admit the potential label of soccer mom doesn't freak me out either.
I drive a minivan, I'm a mom, no biggie.
I do, however, have car envy when I see a mom driving an Acura MDX.

6. Riding Boots
I don't ride horses.
I don't live on a farm.
I don't spend a lot of time in a position where I would need riding boots.
And I haven't gotten the courage to wear leggings or skinny jeans, 
 however I long for riding boots.

7. Calligraphy Lessons
I have always been complimented on my penmanship. Thank you Catholic School and the D'Neilan method. In turn, I have enjoyed writing out things like cards, envelopes, and name tags. I would love to kick it up a notch, and learn how to accurately write calligraphy. How perfect for Jeanna's wedding!
Heck, if I do it well, perhaps I could turn it into a work from home business.

8. Ghost Chairs
We have a very classic dining room right now: huge Persian rug, even larger wood table, a new Stickley buffet piece, and a small side board from my grandmother. I would love to turn the room on it's side a bit, and get ghost chairs, ten to be exact to offer bit of whimsy in the room.
9.  Mirrors
We have lived here for over three years and a great many walls are still unadorned. Our master bedroom is one of those rooms that just doesn't look finished yet. I have seen these before in the Potterybarn catalogue and thought how perfect above our bed. Alas, their price tag a bit high, so for now I wish.

10. A Happy Holiday for All
I guess I can't be too greedy.
I have so much to be thankful. My beautiful little girls, my fabulous group of friends and supportive family, as well as the love of my life, Bryan. My final item on my wish list is for all those who read this little blog to have a happy holiday season and wonderful new year.


  1. Fabulous list! And I think the scarf, skirt and riding boots are a perfect ensemble!
    Love the chairs too...I currently have 3 different pairs of chairs around my dining table. I guess even though they don't all match, at least they are in pairs! I should have put dining chair slipcovers on my list - LOL

  2. Oh, I like your list!

    I don't ride a motorcycle, but have motorcycle boots. I'm not a cowgirl, but want cowboy(girl) boots. It's all for fashion, right?

  3. Those boots would be adorable with one of those fun skirts!

  4. What a fabulous list! I would love to learn calligraphy too. Only I have pretty crappy handwriting to begin with.

  5. Great list! I MUST have that scarf and the typography art!

  6. Thank you so much Jacki! I hope you attend a calligraphy class in your new boots, skirt and scarf :) love this!

  7. You have some really interesting wishes on your list. And thank you, may you have a wonderful happy Christmas holiday too! :)

  8. Those boots are amazing! I'd like a pair of those too :)
    Love #10!

  9. Love those boots! Calligraphy? How cool!

  10. those chairs are fabulous. although in my house (and thus my life) I would look through the transparent seat and see all the crumbs and crap that collect beneath the table. Sigh. But boots? Boots you can wear ALL THE TIME. Totally worth the investment and you absolutely don't need a horse to justify them. Get yourself one little gifty this holiday season...

  11. That car is nice! As are the boots. And a lovely wish you have for everyone, thank you.

  12. I should have thought to put a new car on my list! Not that putting it on the list would make it appear...

    Great list! And your girls are beautiful.

  13. I love those signs! I think I need to add that to my list too. :)

  14. I want those boots too. And the scarf.

  15. Oooh. Those boots rock. I totally love them. And I'm starting to think I need to come up with a list for myself. I mean, it can all be a dream list, but still ... why not, right?

  16. I agree with Rory - the scarf, skirt and riding boots are the bees knees! A great list. I like, I like! (-:

  17. OK so I want my list and your list. That's not too much to ask, right?

  18. I love those signs too! totally addicted to them


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