Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Me?

First post of 2012, and how fitting I begin with what has become a great motivator this past year, Monday Listicles! This week, Theresa of Mountain Momma suggested we write of New Year's resolutions we intend to break.
That would be too easy. I could make some grand sweeping promises to myself, like loose a bunch of weight or try to train for a marathon, and with the imminent failure, find myself wallowing in guilt, Ben & Jerry's and cookies.

Instead, I will list my intentions for 2012.

Things I honestly Plan to Do this Year...

1. Continue to write. 
This blog has been made a priority for me, by me. It's my hobby, my enjoyment, and my closest thing to therapy. While I don't yet consider myself a "writer", the title of "blogger" fits me fine. 

2. Get my girls swimming independently. 
I need to enroll them in swim lessons, ASAP! We do a lot where water is involved (beach, Sesame Place, pools) and I can't have a four year old climbing all over me in fear. So this year, no more procrastination of the travel to the closest YMCA (11 miles),
they will learn how to swim!

3. Make more time for Bry & I
My girls are my world and on most days, that's perfectly fine and dandy.
But, there needs to be more time for he & I alone.
Conversation isn't overrated, and that not interrupted with "Mommy, ketchup?" and "Daddy, look at this noodle!" would be fabulous.

4. Learn how to roast a chicken.
I mess it up every.single.time.
How I can make homemade chicken & dumplings, banana bread, piergoies, and quiche, but continue to screw up chicken completely and utter confuses me.
This year, I will master the bird.

5. Do some of those crafts I have pinned on Pinterest.
Here's my Board.
Filled with inspiration, yes?
I have done one, yes 1, project thus far.
I will do more, maybe two?
Dare I say, FOUR projects this year inspired by my Pinterest pins.

6. Decorate our house
We have been in our home for nearly three years and still many of the walls are empty. I confess, we have frames, even some filled with photos and prints, but yet they have made it up on the wall.
I am slightly terrified of our plaster walls and the potential for things tearing/breaking, but sometimes beauty hurts, right?

7. Dress nicer
I feel like I look like slob most days. Thankfully with a shorter hair cut that requires only a little blow dry with a round brush in the morning, I look a little more put together. But, I need to do more for me in the attire department. I'm not saying a whole new wardrobe, but perhaps a little more variety.

8. Use the Playroom
With the addition of the drum kit in our playroom, I think this space will be a more desirable place for the kiddos. In turn, I need to make it more desirable for me. Kids could care less of organization, but for me, it's a necessity. So this year, I'll be making that place a place I want to be in as much as they do.

9. Get my sister hitched, and keep my sanity!
My sister is engaged and planning an August wedding.
I am her matron of honor.
There's about 8 months to go until the big day, and I know there's a infinite number of phone calls, emails and conversations to be hand between now & then related to said wedding.
Give me patience, please!
While we're on the pinterest topic, check out my wedding planning boards for her. Here & Here.

10. Enjoy it!
Somehow my kids are growing way too fast.
I cannot believe we will be celebrating Maeve's second birthday in a few weeks, and Mo is already talking incessantly about her Pirate themed fourth birthday bash for April.
Life is going on, and on, and it's my choice how I respond to it.
Do I sit passively watching it fly by, or do I jump in, and live it up?
I'm trying to do more the latter this year.
Trying to live a more full, happy, and joyful life in 2012.
Time to sweat the small stuff, and let things roll off my back.


  1. I can't believe you can't roast a chicken Jackie, that cracks me up.

    To bad we don't live closer I'd give you a lesson!

  2. I should dress nicer, too. i tend to live in sweats and yoga pants and my pajamas.

  3. I'll go with chicken and dumplings over roasted every time.
    Have a great 2012

  4. I love the quote at the end. It's so true. I asked for some new clothes for Christmas so I can start dressing nicer too. I am tired of my "mommy wardrobe". It has been lovely feeling less, well, less mommy.

  5. I think you will surprise yourself with how many you will tick off. My wish is for you to keep #1 up! As for crafts, trouble is you will pin so many new ones even if you complede ten of those on your board :)

  6. Whoa 4 crafts off pintrest! That would be great if I could make 4 things off there :) And I should dress better too, oh and make a playroom. Great list! definitly gave me some ideas!

  7. I need to work on decorating my house too!

  8. Great resolutions. And yes, make more time for you and the husband, it's a priority!

  9. Get some of those velcro command hangers. If you mess up, you just pull the little strip and release and your walls are fine. These have saved me so many times and gave me the courage to actually hang things on my walls. Plus, no need to wait for hubby's help.


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