Thursday, August 18, 2011

Days Like This...

Mama said they'll be days like this.

Days when...
There's enough water in the basement to fill a swimming pool
After record amounts of rainfall in a twenty-four hour span.

Days when...
Runny noses appear to bombard every turn
Boogie wipes and old burp clothes, in steady rotation.

Days when...
Being the only healthy body in the house,
Patience is tested again and again.

Days when...
Sleep fleeting as exhaustion sets in,
Wake up calls at two and four am.

Days when...
Cuddles and dream filled slumber is replaced
Restless toddler tossing and turning, turning and tossing.

Days when...
The thought of anything else going wrong
Seems to be a cruel joke.

Days when...
Cold orange juice is replaced with room temperature beverages,
As the refrigerator stops.

Days when...
Four hundred dollars and a phone call later,
Discovering the fix won't work for another few days.

Days when...
The realization that there is no refrigerator sets in,
No milk, no juice, no way.

Days when...
Dinnertime routine is replaced,
Last minute trip to grandparents house for refuge.

Days when...
In the midst of the hectic and craziness,
Moments emerge.
Moments that remind me
It isn't so bad.

Driving to my parents house last night, my mind was wandering, as grocery lists, play date plans, and memories of the past few days floated around. Into sunset we drove, my focus on the drive, when Mo pointed out the sky.
"Look Mama, It's red! The sky, it's red!" she squealed, her delight infectious.
Looking up, shades of pink and red faded into purples and blues.
Before us, a simply breathtaking sky.
A sky I likely would not have noticed had my three year old not pointed it out.
"It's so pretty!" she continued. "Why the sky red?"
As I explained sunset, I could feel myself relax and savor the moment.
Her wonder, her amazement as she continued to describe the sky was exactly what I had needed.


  1. That is a lot of bad luck. Thank goodness for a parent's house to take refuge.
    And I love sunsets and the sunrise.

  2. I love that in bad situations, our kids can always point out something so simple and beautiful, and it seems to kind of set everything right.

  3. This is an amazing post. I love it. I know the feeling--nothing else can go wrong, it's darker than dark, and then the kids shine a line on the beauty of the world. I love it.

  4. Great post! Kids are great at being distracted by small moments of great beauty.

    I hope your luck turns around!


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