Saturday, August 27, 2011


Things have started to unravel.
It was only a matter of time.
Almost like a thief slipping in an open window,
It changed
Until it no longer could hold up its responsibilities. 
As I deposited its contents in the garbage,
Salvaging what I could,
What was necessary,
Into the blue cooler,
The tears streamed down my face.

Damn Refrigerator!

Over $400, three days of  letting the fridge thaw then plugging it again, and a trip to the grocery store mid-week, our fridge is back in working order.
This bliss was short lived.
Not more then 72 hours later, our loss continued as our oven and cook top stopped working too. Another $400 and an additional wait for a part and visit left another hole in our wallet.

This week's theme is "Loss." Now, you can take this prompt in any number of different directions. If you'd like, you can keep things light-hearted still and write about losing your best pen, or you can write about the loss of a pet or loved one. The beauty of these one word prompts is that you can take them almost anywhere


  1. So glad it's not just us:
    This week
    1. Wireless router: gone
    2. Computer tower: gone
    3. Washing machine: gone
    4. Money: gone

  2. Oh geez. So sorry for your loss! :) Great usage of the prompt...but I feel bad for you!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! That is a lot of appliances to go out in such a short time!!
    Funny use of the prompt, though ;)

  4. I love when people take these prompts in an unexpected direction! I hate it when things like that happen though...and why do they always happen altogether like that? Ugh, when it rain it pours, I guess!

    Congrats on Writer of the Week...hope it provided a bright spot in all the loss :)


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