Monday, August 15, 2011


Top Ten: I miss...
1. My BODY
It's true, you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. Two kiddos, two c-sections, in less then two years and a lack of exercising have made me less then happy with my body. However, it's nothing a little spanx can't help.
There's something magical about witnessing a child learn to read. Their eyes glimmer, their smile widens, as that "a-ha" moment comes, and the satisfaction in the pit of my belly, knowing it was me.
I did that.
I miss that.
Once upon a time, I was in a pool close to twenty-four hours a week. Back and forth, following the black line, on a trip to no where. The perfume of chlorine permeated every crevice, which no amount of soap, perfume, or lotion could remove. Still, every time the smell of chlorine (or even bleach) meets my nose, I'm suddenly transported back.
Growing up, my family would host a picnic every Labor Day weekend. Over 100 people, friends, family, extended family, neighbors, would pile into our backyard, covered dish or dessert in hand, for eight hours. We'd borrow our neighbors picnic tables and others would bring their own lawn chairs. My dad on the grill with a beer in hand or behind the horseshoes while my mom rarely rested, finding another serving spoon, or making another container of lemonade. Grandparents, great aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, many would make the yearly pilgrimage.
Once a year, complete chaos, but so much fun.

Some morning, I will be able to pull the sheets back up under my neck and roll over, returning back to slumber. Now, it's just a dream. If I want more sleep, I need to go to bed early and pray no one wakes up.

Not one spent in my pajamas, on the computer with a bowl of ice cream, instead dressed to the nines, in make up, at a place with no high chairs, nursing a Cosmo or a tanquery and tonic, while waiting for first course, at 10 pm.
Towels, swim diapers, pails, shovels, sunscreen, chair, baby on hip, weaving the umbrella laced beach searching for a spot to unpack with a clear sight line to the water.
"No! Don't eat the sand!"
"No! Stay close!"
"No! Don't run into the water without mama!"
"Seriously, don't eat the sand!"
 Give me a book, a towel, three to four hours, and get the f--k out of my way!
That's what I miss.
I am thankful for Laurie Berkner Band and the CD's from music class, however I miss Dave (Grohl), Eddie (Vedder), Dave (Matthews), and Bono.

9. MY HOMETOWN (in retrospect)
Having grown up in the same town as many generations before, I had connections. My friends would joke I was related to everyone, and it truly seemed that way. Familiar faces were abound, at the local stores, church, YMCA. I always knew someone.

There are so many faces I have lost over the years. Some to death, some to distance, and others just to age and to "life happening". Occasionally, a face will enter my mind, perhaps a moment that brings a smile to my face, or a memory brought on from an action in the present, and their loss becomes clear.

Super duper Monday is back!
These Listicles are the best thing since sliced bread. Forget bread, best thing since cake, chocolate one too! You all warm my heart, with both content and the effort you put into them. Nothing makes me happier then seeing how much you visit each other’s posts, not just the linked ones, but throughout the week. You all rock and rule!I kept thinking about all the things and people and occasions I miss and thought of so many. But when the time came to sit down and write them I struggled. Which I will take as a great sign. Life is good, when there is not much missing in it…


  1. =) Glad we are still as connected as we are....ahh, those labor day picnics were the best!! maybe next year, you and bry can start the tradition =)

  2. I LOVE your list! Being a parent changed so much. Seems like we are all in the same missing-body-sleep-independence-old-life boat...

  3. Dinner at 10:00pm--I remember that! Yes,there were drinks before. It's coming back to me now.... I miss that too!

  4. Great list! I miss sleep a lot too. I can't remember the last time I actually had a good night's sleep...oh I remember, it was before the kids came.

  5. Sleep and our bodies - 2 most popular on everyone's list!

    I miss teaching full-time. I get to do it part-time though and am forever grateful for that.

    Becoming a parent changes everything doesn't it? With the bad, comes SO much good though:)

  6. I love how we all miss the same things. Which means parenthood strikes similar! And how we all miss something we don't necessarily want back. But it is sweet to bring it back to memory. Friday nights...

  7. great list!! those labor day picnics sound like they were a blast- no wonder you miss them so!

  8. Oh yes, #7!!! I would LOVE a relaxing day at the beach! Oh, and a Friday night out too, I could go for that one too :)
    Great list, Jackie!

  9. I find it ironic for me that I miss Friday nights, because I didn't particularly relish them when I used to get dressed up and go out. But back then I was free to go out and did so often. I felt young and alive, even if I also was annoyed by all the smoke or shy dancing with a boy. But now that my Friday nights are gone, I miss that feeling of excitement while getting dressed up. Even if I get dressed up now, it's not the same since my body is so different (same for me, after two kids, both c-sections). I love this list and can relate to so many of the items!

  10. Gosh, I hear you on the friday night thing! Our lives will never be the same again--not until we are old and the kids are gone. And by then we won't want late nights. :)

  11. Me too, I have a deja-vu when i smell chlorine. It transports me to my childhood full with picknics and classes.

  12. I do love this list. The things we take for granted until we don't have them! Relaxing at the beach - that's a good one right there!

  13. Yup, thanks for reminding me that Fridays were not always family pizza night but a reason to deck out and go out. I miss them too.

  14. I miss having control of the radio in the car too. Whenever I go anywhere, the kids are with me so I have to always put kid-friendly music on. That means nursery rhymes and silly songs over and over and over again. I miss my music!


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