Monday, August 8, 2011


In case you haven't realized it, I seem to partaking in quite a few writing prompts lately. Most have been heavy; posts that make me think. The ones that leave me scratching my head a bit, or needing a stiff drink. The Good Life offered a new prompt, and if you know anything about me, it's a winner: FOOD!

So Bill from Smells like Borscht suggested for us to do list of ten dedicated to food. Anything to do with food.

Favorite Foods:
Dining out edition

1. Mushroom Risotto
La Gaiac Restaurant, Le Toiny Hotel, St. Barth's
I still dream of this creamy dish. Chewing was optional, as it melted in my mouth.  Our first night in paradise, this was the appetizer I had and now, six years later, it's still one of my most favorite meals, ever.

2. Pisces Aphrodite
Pisces Restuarant, Key West, FL
The smell of this appetizer was heavenly, and the fragerance lingered for the entire meal. Wine, butter, puffed pastry, and shellfish, heaven.  

3. Aranci Cakes with vodka sauce
Whether an appetizer or an entree, Bry and I would decide in the car whose turn it was to get these risotto cakes. The vodka sauce held the perfect balance of tomato and cheese, complimenting the fried cake stuffed with mozarella swimmingly.

4. Paella a la Valenciana 
(preferably with a multitude of pitchers of sangria)
Sevilla Restaurant, New York, NY
Once upon a time, we lived but a train ride away from New York City. Many a Friday or Saturday evening, we waited balancing glasses of red sangria in hand out the door onto the sidewalk. Often we'd pass on the middle tables, instead waiting for one we liked. Always, ordering the Paella a la Valenciana and never having a disappointing meal. Lobster, chicken, chorizo, clams, mussels, and lots of saffron infused rice. 
 Sigh, some day we will make it back.

5. Chips on Fish
SeaBlue Restaurant, Borgata Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City, NJ
When we dine out, usually I order fish. Upon discovering a fish coated in thin sliced potato, I had to try and I was not disappointed. A new way to do fish and chips.

6. Blackened Catfish Filet
410 Bank Street, Cape May, NJ
Bananas, Tomatoes, and Catfish together sound like a strange combination. Surprise! Try phenomenal!  With a menu filled with fabulous dishes, of wish I've had most, I still look forward to the catfish.

7. Crab Fries with Cheese Sauce
Not everything requires utensils, or even a table for that matter. At a baseball game, with a cold beer, the salty, spicy seasonings on the french fries made only tastier as it's dipped into a cheese sauce.
Eating with your fingers never is better.

8. Fluffernutter Sundae
Duffer's Restaurant, Wildwood, NJ
There may or may not be a rumor circulating that I have eaten this entire sundae even after finishing a sandwich and fries prior. But seriously, peanut butter ice cream, peanut butter sauce, marshmallows, peanuts, homemade whipped cream, and a part of pizelle, would you leave any remaining?
 I think not.

9. Cheese plate,... no short rib flat bread, ...wait, the mushrooms,
Forget it, the entire menu!!!
Amada, Philadelphia, Pa
There is a reason Jose Garces is an Iron Chef. His restaurant of authentic Spanish tapas has no bad plates. Having done the tasting menu, on two different occasions and also had the experience of dining with a large party, we have tried just about everything.  It's all delicious. Cheese pairings with honey and nutella, flatbreads with chorizo, shrimp, and white beans, lamb meatballs with shaved cheese, my mouth is watering.
The sangria isn't too bad either.

10. Pork Roll, Egg, & Cheese
Bagel Chateau, Westfield NJ
Imagine starting the day with eggs, cheese, and pork roll smothered in ketchup between an everything bagel. Whether it is consumed to combat the ill effects of a little too much drinking the night before or to satisfy the hunger post-work out, I can think of no more perfect breakfast, preferably with a side of chocolate milk.

That's my list. I can only imagine that as soon as I press "post" more favorites will circulate my brain, however at this moment, these are my top ten in no particular order. Being a mom to two little ones, my dining out options now mainly consist of the diner or Chick Fil A, however, every so often, I dust off the grown up clothes and together Bry and I head out to dinner free of sippy cups and chicken nuggets. 

Thanks to Jen at Runnermom for introducing me to The Good Life's Monday Listicles!


  1. What a fantastic post for when I travel to any of these destinations! I bookmarked it :) My husband and I are always trying to find recommendations for restaurants and the dishes, so thank you!! I love sangria, too! I really want to try making my own eventually.

  2. Holy crap I'm STARVING!

    Sounds like we share a taste in foods. I LOVE seafood. Especially crab, shrimp, lobster and clams!

    Your list is awesome!

  3. Oh man, valencian paella is the absolute best. I drooled through the entire list, but for this one, I had an especially large puddle beneath me.

  4. Ooh, a dining out list is a great idea!

  5. That's it, packing my bags and doing a tour of East coast. Your taste in food is splendid!

  6. I wish I could eat some of the "Crab Fries with Cheese Sauce" they sound delicious.

  7. Aw, thanks for the mention :) And your list sounds wonderful!! Except for maybe the catfish ;)

  8. The first few sounds fine dining. And fluffernutter sundae sounds like something I can eat everyday! Great list!

  9. I'm drooling now! You sure get around, restaurant-wise!

  10. Sounds as though you have experienced a lot of great restaurants! I would love to try places in different states but don't get out of Indy much...nice we can close our eyes and enjoy them through your eyes...

  11. Nice to meet you! Found you from Bill at Smells like Borscht. I'm Polish as well. :)

    I have to wonder if number 7 is what we call "ocean fries" in MD? We put Old Bay Seasoning and apple vinegar on french fries (no cheese) and I haven't met anyone in MD who doesn't drool for it. Or anyone in IL who likes it.

    I heart me some "ocean fries".

  12. ahhhh, memories of our trip to Sevilla Restaurant for the Paella a la Valenciana and the Sangria. Don't think I will ever forget that weekend...the train ride back to your much fun. I "smell" a trip there in our near future.

  13. That's like a fantasy tour of dining for me--our palettes are very similar.

    Now, I have to go get some Paella.

  14. Swooping in late from Monday Listicles...
    What a gorgeous and tempting list. on earth do you REMEMBER all these items, and the names and the ingredients? I can barely recall the name of where we ate lunch today. I am impressed! (-:


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