Monday, August 29, 2011


It's Monday.
Usually the start of the week, and often filled with dread.
However there are two things that have helped to make my Mondays that much better:
 1) A&E = Hoarders & Intervention
 2) The top ten lists, known as "Listicles" hosted by Stasha at the Good Life
This week's topic, courtesy of Saretta at Amid the Olive Trees : Ten Places You Love. Initially I was going to attempt to a bit of humor and write 10 places I love where kids aren't around, however, a lot of places I do love kids ARE around, and well behaved of course. Instead I let my mind wander and found the ten places that make my heart warm and fuzzy.

10 Places You Love

1. The couch
December 23 in the dark except the light of the Christmas tree.
The children are nestled all snug in their beds, their dreams filled to capacity with excitement of the holiday. While I lie on the couch, in the silence, (or perhaps laughing with Bry) with the flickering of the bulbs our only light.

2. The Philadelphia Zoo
The memories of my childhood flood back the minute our car pulls into the parking lot. I think this is the reason I love it so. The animals, the exhibits, and the wonder on my little ladies faces at the height of the giraffe, the slither of the snakes, the swimming ability of the polar bear, and thanks to some perfect timing, the poop of the sea turtles. A visit around Valentine's Day still comes up in conversation. "Mama, the turtles pooped! (insert maniacal 3 yr old laugh) The zoo keeper used the hose to clean up the POOP!" (more laugh). 

The Infamous Pooping Turtles

3. Check out Line of Wegman's Grocery
Once all the food and essentials are on the belt, and the bags are filled. A silent (okay, audible) cheer, as I successfully survived another week of shopping, hopefully with my children and my sanity in tact.

4. Moore's Beach, North Wildwood NJ
This is our refuge, our favorite location in the summer. This place may not be where all the beautiful people gather, thankfully, as my self-esteem gets a boost with every visit. It does have clean, soft sand, free parking, and easy access to water.

5.Our Seat at PPL park during a Philadelphia Union Game
While my heart bleeds Phillies red during the summer, and Eagles green during the winter, my absolutely favorite, hands down sporting event to attend, has been watching the Union play. My love for soccer evolved after being exposed to the English Primer League via Fox Soccer Channel, and once the MLS brought a team to Philly, I became an instant fan. While I may not be a Son of Ben, mainly due to usually having one or two young kids in tow, I am there screaming, cheering, and hollering during the entire 90 min.

6.Chick Fil A
I know, I know, I know.
One is probably thinking, of all the places in the world, Chick Fil A, is your favorite.
Let me explain. I have three very clear reasons why Chick is a favorite.
1. If we're at Chick Fil A, that means I'm not cooking! How can that not be a good thing?
2. Chick Fil A has pretty kick ass chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries (in the Pa suburbs of Philly only) and so usually my kids scarf them down. Which means, no haggling over finsihing dinner.
3. Their play area is usually clean, not super crowded, and has options for both girls.

7. St. Barths
Just look at the photos.

Enough Said.

 8. My Bed
After nearly five years of sleeping on a full bed, we finally sprung for the queen. I should note to the reader that Bry and I met in college, at 18 yrs old.  At a time we shared a single dorm bed, so a full was okay. Then we had kids, and a full wasn't okay. It was too small, and alas, we got the queen. A beautiful queen wooden bed on deep discount from Restoration Hardware and a perfectly firm mattress too. Lovely linens to match our blue bedroom, and our pillows complete the deal.
I only wish I had more time to lounge.

9. Philadelphia
There are scores of reasons why people may not like my favorite city. Our people can be brash, and loud. Our sports fans are notorious for being, how shall I say it nicely, rowdy? overly excited? Our town has a history of being a little dirty.
But it's not, we're not.
We're the city of freaking brotherly Love, damn it!
Our founding fathers (and mothers) considered Philly home, and their history, our history still permeates the city with every turn. Combine that with the arts, the dining, and the shopping, and I'm glad to call Philly my favorite.

10. Home
It took a while, but we finally found it, a home of our own. Sure, there are moments where we're kicking ourselves for having purchased an old house, but it's where we are meant to be.
Even without air conditioning,
Or with water flooding the basement,
Or a backyard that rivaled a jungle,
Home sweet home.


  1. love looking into your 10 favorite teh beach! and your haouse is beautiful!

  2. Your list totally made me smile. And now I want to go to St. Barth's. Gorgeous! Isn't it wonderful that we have so many places to love?

  3. I love the swimming pool blending into the ocean and the deserted beach, all for your peace and enjoyment! That is a beautiful place!!

  4. ack, i've never been to a chik fil a! :(

  5. Your photos are stunning. You have a great eye for them.
    What a lovely list. Your home is beautiful, you city, your life. One happy mama and I am so happy to share it with you.

  6. Wonderful list and pictures, Jackie!! THose beach pictures are amazing! Wish I was there RIGHT now!!

  7. You have a super lovely home! And I simply love your list and your beautiful pictures. I should have added McDonald's in my list after reading about Chick Fil A.

  8. If your list is any indication, you live a beautiful life!

  9. I completely forgot about sitting in front of the tree, in the quiet, lights (sometimes flashing) somehow permeating me and filling me with contentment. That's a great one.

    Now I wish it were Christmas.

  10. I want to go to St. Barth's now.

  11. St Barths! what a great set of pictures (and memories, too). Your house looks wonderful - a porch is really a great, great thing, isn't it? What a nice place to sit and watch the world go by...!

  12. oh, St Barths... swoon. someday...

  13. Sweet potato fries???? Ours doesn't have those!!!! Though I love Chickfila's lemonade.

    Is is weird that I miss Wegmans?

  14. That beach looks so inviting... And your home is gorgeous! It looks like something from a magazine. I would have purchased it too!

  15. Ok, so now after reading your list St. Barth's is one of my fave places too only I've never even been there!
    I love bed, too.
    Your home looks like home - what a sweet house.


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