Saturday, August 20, 2011

To School

Three years and five months,
She has been by my side.
Together we have navigated the world,
Under my watchful eye,
Safe and secure
Buckled in
Carseat, Stroller, Cart.
Always no more then an arms length away.
With her I learned so much,
Every day, an education.
Milestones reached in my presence:
Rolling, Sitting, Crawling, Walking, Running.
Smiling, Babbling, Talking, Conversing.
A perfect little person.

I knew this time would come.
But never did I think, so quickly.

Worry overcomes me,
As my own insecurities emerge.
Will she be respectful?
Will she make friends?
Will she have fun?
Have I done enough to prepare her? 

Will I be okay?
What will I miss?
What will I miss?
What will I miss?
I don't want to miss a thing...and I will.

To school for the first time.
We both have some learning to do.

Since most of us have been going back to school (one way or another) the last couple of weeks, I'd like for this week's Dare to Share link up theme to be: Back to School. Share your fiction, nonfiction, and poetry about the time of year that kids dread and parents count down to! You can link to old posts or new.


  1. So beautiful, I love it! I am dreading next year when my son first starts kindergarten....

  2. Thats funny. I don't know if you read the other link-up (Twas the Night Before School Starts) but it is completely the opposite! It is interesting what different perspectives we have.

  3. Oh, you make me wistful for this stage of life...some of my favorite days. Enjoy. Time is fleeting!

  4. My son is starting Kindergarten, but he's been in daycare so the transition is a bit easier. But still, all these milestones are always such big transitions for the whole family.

  5. *sigh* I get this. There are still a couple years before I send my toddler to school... but I am already sad about it! ;)

  6. Beautiful...and I know. I totally get this.

  7. Beautiful...and so bittersweet. Makes me want to hold on to everyday with my two-year old nephew now...because I know how quickly that'll pass. Thanks for linking up!

  8. She will do WONDERFULLY, yes, she will make friends =) She is one of the most social people (besides you and your mom) that I have the pleasure of knowing. You will be great, I am here to "Help" in any way that I can. LOVE YOU.


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