Tuesday, September 13, 2011

School Days

For days she asked, when she could go,
Off to school like a big kid, to learn, to grow.
A backpack she picked, red and grey,
Waiting patiently for that first day.
She told me she'd miss me, with a smile on her face.
I told her no way, she'll love that place.
We picked out her dress, with loving care,
That morning I fought tears as I put up her hair.
With a smile, and a giggle and a hug, she turned.
She was ready to go, ready to learn.
With a wave of her hand, up to the classroom she went,
And like that all my worry, my fears were all spent.
All smiles, and giggles, not even one tear,
Here's to a fabulous and happy first school year!


  1. She is so cute! I have a little guy that just started preschool. I didn't miss me one bit. :)

  2. Oh, she looks like such a big girl! Love that dress :)


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