Friday, September 2, 2011


Thirty-Three, Yippee!
Here it is, the night of my birthday. I've never been someone to hide my age. I feel like what's the point? I have nothing to be shamed of,
I'm 33!

In honor this new year I've decided list form would be the best and so I offer:

33 reasons this year will rock!
1. I got to celebrate with two birthday cakes. Can one think of a better excuse to eat cake then these two delicious options? 

Crumbs gigantic cupcake in
peanut butter & chocolate
Thanks Steve & Lynsay!

Yummy Vanilla with to die for chocolate chip filling

2. Since Mo is three, birthdays are a big deal. She has be insistent that Bry plan a Sesame theme party for my friends complete with a moonbounce. I still don't have the heart to tell her it isn't happening.

3. Since Mo is three, birthdays are a big deal. She wished me happy birthday at least forty times yesterday. 

4. Maeve's food allergies seem to be calming down a bit. Perhaps a little cow's milk may be in the near future.

5. Our garage roof is fixed! No more leaky, leaky during rain and no more prayers and worry that heavy snow during winter would make it collapse. What screams "birthday" more then fixing a garage roof?

Isn't it lovely?
6. I know, what's more "birthday"- a newly functioning stove! I mentioned it here. It's fixed now, which means baking & cooking can resume!

7. What's the birthday present that keeps giving? Why, a dishwasher of course! Our newest appliance was installed today as well. Our kitchen saw more traffic today then it's seen for a long time.
It's so shiny and pretty!
8. Pearl Jam 20 will make this year rock a little harder. 9.20.11

9. The Hunger Games on March 23. If you haven't read the series, I recommend it. While I realize it is considered young adult, it's got a fabulously addictive storyline, and I couldn't put it down.

10. Mo goes to school. My baby heads for her first day of school on Sept. 13. The education system will never be quite the same. Let me offer my formal apologies now in advance.

11. I will learn how to roast a chicken this year. Epic failure is an understatement thus far with this venture. Bry has commented that he did not think it was humanly possible to mess it up as much as I have. But this year, I will learn.

12. Halloween craziness will overtake us.
 I cannot wait, and still I debate whether to dress up with the girls this year.

13. Foo Fighters are on tour and I want need to see them live.

14. Mo gets to play soccer. So maybe it's not really full on game time live, she is ecstatic and Bry gets to be her coach. HA! Meanwhile Maeve & I will be watching, Bry attempt to coach a gaggle of 3 &4 yr olds.

15. Fifteen year class reunion in November. Since the rise of social networking, I have been reunited with more friends and classmates, which I think will help to make this years reunion far better then the yawn fest that was our ten year.

16. More writing for me, thanks to the inspiration from the lovely groups I have joined and the inspiration I have found every day.

17. Still no grey hair- Thanks for the great genes Mom & Mommom D!

18. Not your daughter's Jeans in my closet = less frump this year.

19. Holiday photo shoot with the fabulously talented Ashley Pierce Photography

20. I will host the Piergoi party I have talking about for the past few years. For my friends it will be BYORP- bring your own rolling pin!

21. Other peoples babies. Quite a few I am eagerly anticipating meeting.

22. Procrastination will stop and I will finally decorate the walls in Mo's bedroom.

23. The new episodes of my favorite shows. How I've missed: NCIS, Glee, Parenthood, Shameless, to name a few.

24. Confession, Maeve's birthday is still over four months away, and I've already started planning.

25. Confession 2: Mo's birthday is still over seven months away, and I've already started planning.

26. However, I haven't planned what we'll have for dinner this week. I am working on that one.

27. Crossing my fingers there's some wedding planning to help with this year. (No pressure!)

28. One Word: Swim

29. I will make more time for me this year.

30. I will make more time for "we" this year- as in Bry & I!

31. Another year older, doesn't that make me wiser?

32. Being able to watch the girls actually play together. It's honestly amazing to watch these two perfect little people interact together.

33. Besides the love of family and friends, I got the best gift yesterday. TWO full spa days. Now to check the calendar and decide when I need it the most.

And one reason why 32 went out with a bang:
I was the featured blogger this  past week on The Lightning and the Lightning Bug ! While it's picked by random selection, I still am quite proud of myself for this little accomplishment. There are some talented writers over there. Please check them out!

As of today, that's a pretty rocking way to start year 33!

Since last week we talked about Loss for this week's Dare to Share Link Up, we'd like for you to share a post that celebrates something. A birthday, a graduation, a great day, any happy event in your life. The post can be old or new, fiction or non-fiction, poetry or prose.
I discovered this weeks theme AFTER I wrote my birthday entry. Talk about perfect, right?


  1. Welcome to 33! It sounds like you had a great day. I love that you got practical and purely enjoyable gifts. I'm not so sure about another year making you wiser. I've been 33 for months and I don't feel a bit smarter. :-)

  2. 33 is such a great ages. One of my favorite years because my last baby was here and our family was complete!

    I think you're just trying too hard with the chicken. Shove a lemon up its....umm...cavity. Sprinkle it with stuff like parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme! and some salt and pepper and a bay leaf. Cover it to keep the juice in until the last 15 min or so. And don't look back! Once you get it, it is no fuss.

    Happy,happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! I'm thinking it's pretty awesome that this theme came along on the tale end of your week as Writer of the Week :) Woot!! Talk about perfect is right!

    And I love your list. Especially the awesome news about the stove and the more awesome dishwasher. Happy Birthday indeed!

    Oh, and I can't wait for Halloween and Glee either! :)

  4. Happy Birthday! I'm about to turn 39 (gasp) and 33 was like yesterday. It's cool, though, to appreciate the really good stuff in life as you get older.

  5. I remember 33...for me that was almost...33 years ago and I was preggers with #3, our last baby...sigh.

    I will be more than happy to pitch-in and coach you through #11. Will teach you a fun Beer Butt Chicken that you can do on the grill.

    Hope you enjoyed a wonderful day!

  6. TWO spa DAYS? Two?! Twwwwooooooo....?
    That is friggidtyfrackin' awesome.

    As for item #11: I have the world's easiest chicken roasting recipe. If you want it, let me know. Seriously. this cannot be screwed up. And it gets raves.

    Came from the LALB Linkup!

  7. Happy Birthday, Jackie!!! Those cakes are awesome! I had to laugh when you said you're planning the girls' birthday parties but not yet planned for dinner...that's so me :)
    I hope all of your birthday wishes come true!

  8. Happy Birthday Jackie, holy you know what what great cakes!

    And I love the list what a great way to think about the year ahead in a positive way!

  9. Can not wait to photograph such an awesome and adorable family!!! And yay, pierogi party finally!!!


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