Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Knee Socks and Peter Pan Collars

I miss my childhood. I had some really great ideas growing up. Ideas that I thought were earth shattering.
This was one of them.
I walk over to the closet, and slowly open the door. Reaching my hand up, I grab the plastic hangers. The shirt and uniform hang next to each.other The weight feels heavy in my eight year old arms as I lower the two pieces down. Closing the closet door, I carefully place the grey plaid jumper on the door knob and walk over to the bed, the shirt still in hand. I liked the navy blue jumpers we had worn the previous two years, but with the schools being combined, new uniforms for everyone this year.
I dispise the shirts.
They are pink,
like pepto bismal.
I place the pink shirt down and smooth the peter pan collar. I like the collars to be flat. Slowly I unbutton the white buttons and remove the shirt from the hanger. Taking off my t-shirt, my arms go into the sleeves. With ease, since this would be my third year in uniform, I fasten all but the top button.
I don't need the top to choke me before the school day starts.
The teachers would make sure that top button was closed, but for now, it is okay open.
With my pajama bottoms still on, I head over to my dresser. Opening the drawer, an array of socks meets my eyes. I pull out a maroon pair of knee socks.
I find maroon to be such a weird color for socks.
The navy blue ones from last year seemed a normal color, but maroon, strange.
I return to my bed. Flopping down, I pull off my white sweat socks, crumbling them into a ball. Trying to toss them into the hamper from the confines of the bed across the room, I miss terribly. Hopping off the bed, I race over to the hamper, pick them up, and dunk, successfully this time.
Returning to the bed, I unfold the socks. Hiding my pink painted toes under the maroon weaved fabric, I pull on one sock, then the other. Keeping them sagged at my ankles for the time being, I will be sure that they hit just below my knee before I get out of the car in front of school. Knee socks need to be just under the knee, not lower, and not sagging.
I hear my sister in the hall, coming out of the bathroom.
Stealthily, I climb into my bed. Grabbing my sheets and comforter, and pulling them up to my chin, covering my shirt and socks.
She walks in, paying little mind to me. Turning on the nightlight, then turning off the light switch, she climbs into her own bed.
"Goodnight Jackie" she says, as she pulls her stuffed dolphin close.
I smile a wide, fulfilled smile. My mom comes in a few moments later, kissing me good night as I continue to hold the sheets tightly to my chin.  As I nod off to sleep, in my knee socks, pink shirt, and pajama bottoms, I cannot help but be proud.
"Brilliant", I think, "I can sleep in a little bit more now."

Obviously, I saved a few precious minutes when I decided to sleep in pieces of my uniform, but my joy was short lived when my mother walked in as I was putting on my pink shirt at 8:30 pm. I couldn't come up with a good enough excuse as to why I was in my top before bed, and alas, my week of sleeping in my uniform was over.
Or was it?
Secretly I kept putting my knee socks on with my pajamas for a few more weeks, that is until my feet started to get too hot. I abandoned my nighttime ritual and lost those extra five minutes of sleep.

This week's RemembeRed Prompt was to use the above photo and begin the entry with the line "I miss my childhood...".


  1. Cute. :) With me it was always the cold. I would sit in front of the radiator vent (which was at floor level) to get dressed. I was thinking about that this morning as my son wailed "I'm cold!" and sat stark naked, refusing to get into HIS school uniform, because he was cold. Sigh!

  2. great! i remember those days as well.. sleeping in my school clothes to get more sleep!

  3. That's a funny story. I think, even as a mom, that sleeping in school clothes is a good idea!

  4. Ha! I laughed out loud at this one, Jackie! Your sock ritual of throwing them in the hamper reminds me of my 8 year old...I was right there with you!
    P.S. Your idea was a very good one ;)

  5. This is so funny. Your little brain was busy thinking of these shortcuts. :-) I love the times I thought I was clever... and the times I thought I'd pulled a fast one on my parents. Super cute story!

  6. Hee! That *is* a great idea! Maybe I'll try it, too? :)

  7. I love the insight into how your brain was thinking! What fun.


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