Monday, September 12, 2011


My brain is tested yet again!
Deborah at Mananhattanmamma chose this week's listicle: CHANGES.
If you're like me, that David Bowie song may be running around your head. "Chhhhanges", This week I'm looking at it in terms of my kiddos, things I don't mind they change.
Thanks again to Stasha at the Good Life for hosting. Feel free to join in!

1. Potty Training
How can one not appreciate giving up changing diapers?
Making the change from diapers to big girl panties in our house signified so much change. The change from baby to kid, being ready for school & soccer. My girl's growing up!

Someday she'll hate me for this picture.

2. Breastfeeding
There are mamas out there that love breastfeeding. Terms like "child-led weaning" and "extended feeding" are in constant rotation in their lexicon.
Then there's me.
Not that I hated it, but...
I like having my boobs back in their normal state not rock hard, milk filled and gigantic.
 Remember how Selma Hayek breastfed some African baby?  The joke in our house was I could have fed the entire village. Supply was never an issue but that change, from the boob to the cup, was welcome on all fronts.

3. Hair
This might just be a mother of little girls thing. There is a magic moment when a little girl's hair suddenly becomes long enough to do this:


4. Mobility
Slowly they learn to sit up, then crawl, the pull up, then walk.
 For some, like Mo it's crazy early: walking at 8.5 months.

While Maeve waited a little longer, 10 months to start walking and climbing.

5. Playtime
Slowly, they went from just sitting next to each other to actually playing together. I can only imagine it will get better (and worse) as they get older, but for now it's golden. Simply wonderful!

First Tea Party
Jan. 2011
6. Bicycle
We're working on that one. At the moment, she can climb on and manages to pedal a half rotation.
Lance Armstrong, you're safe...for now.

7. Talking
Mo is like her mother:
 she likes to talk, sing (terribly off-key), whisper.
Her mouth is always moving, and she has no problem telling you what exactly she prefers,
often in song.
There are moments I wish I had a mute button.

8. Dress 
This is one that can go both ways. Currently Maeve will wear whatever I put on her, love 19 month olds! Mo, however, has an opinion on just about everything: too tight, too loose, too blue?, too yucky.
If it were up to her, a numbers shirt (a shirt with a number either on the back or front) and comfy shorts/pants everyday. She's working on the idea of matching, but it's great when she comes up with outfits like this:
Stripes match Stripes

Can I wear these to the store? Please?!?
9. Fun Stuff
While at times the loss of babyhood can pull at the heartstrings,
 being able to do some fun stuff makes up for it.

Phillies Games with Popsie
Soccer with daddy

Trips to Sesame Place

Rides on the Boardwalk

10. Family
Before Mo and Maeve, we were just Us: Bry and Jackie, a couple. A terrible twosome who would dine late on a Friday night, sleep in on Saturday mornings, and leisurely make our way through the day.
Then we had kids,
And everything changed.

Magically, we turned into a family. 
 First with the addition of Moira.

 Along came Maeve,

And suddenly, Sisters. 

What could be better? 


  1. This is such a happy list full of beautiful photos and memories. Yet I am crying in my cereal bowl. It is perfect Jackie.

  2. Those are great views on all the changes that happen with little ones. And yes, someday she will hate that picture :)

  3. I like the stripes match stripes look...very colorful and flattering look. And I love the pigtails. Great list!

  4. Nothing could be better! How lucky you are to have such a lovely family. Happy growing!

  5. These are beautiful changes! Definitely ones to remind me of what it is like to have a newborn as my third girl is due in November, but I seem to forget the changes that happen so quickly during that first year :) I love the photos in this post too, especially the last ones. I love it that my girls have each other, sisters are an amazing thing!

  6. aw...sisters. Sisters are the BEST. I sympathize with the early walking youngest learned to walk at 9 months, I think so he could keep up with his big brother. I will never forget the day it happened: he simply zoomed up the 15 or so steep wooden front porch steps at my grandmother's summer cottage before any of us realized what was happening, and then stood at the very top step, arms wheeling around, trying to keep his balance as his huge soggy diaper pulled him back down. Thank god he didn't fall but since that moment, my days of "relaxing" were over.

  7. I loved it when my babies started growing "real people" hair.


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