Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Story Worth Sharing

They ran away together, only a few months after dating.
The daughter of a farm hand and his wife who loved dancing and dusty road sundaes, lipstick and ivory soap.
She had no idea what her life would hold.
She loved him, that she knew.
Wearing a teal green suit, one that sits in her closet still, she transformed from Miss to Misses over night.
She said yes.
The small ring she chose on her finger.
No white wedding,
No formal dress,
No bouquet to toss,
No reception to celebrate.
The photo ran in the paper, their arms intertwined and their smiles wide.
They purchased the row house on a one way street near a cemetery. He persuaded her that he could make it a home, confident in his abilities.
Life was not always easy.
Walls came down, creating a more open family room in time to welcome a family. Three daughters then three sons, motherhood her job.
Maintaining a home, maintaining a family, maintaining her husband, she continued on.
Life was not always easy.
He continued to build and transform the house; the kitchen, a bedroom, the basement, and a sun room.
Work for him was constant, but money was tight.
His addictions, a curse.
Life was not always easy.
She continued on, six children to mind.
As they grew up, their successes her success:
Graduations, Marriages, Jobs, Grandchildren.
He finally cleaned up his ways, giving her more breathing room.
Their marriage survived the abuse and misuse.
Life was not always easy.
He got sick and she was there, by his side.
Doctors, ambulances, hospitals,
Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.
With his passing, mourning then a rebirth.
A new independent woman.
Strong, a leader, volunteering and venturing out with friends.
Bus trips, morning coffee at McDonalds, morning mass, and volunteering at a consignment shop.
Her life continues,
Welcoming more grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Having lunch with friends.
Daily phone calls with her children.
Selling the house, she bravely downsizes to an apartment,
"The attic" as it is affectionately called.
The photos remain on the wall,
As this new place becomes her home.
The matriarch
My Mom-Mom. 

I'm linking up with Mama Kat. Of her choices this week, Your Grandma’s story immediately struck a chord for me. I hope if she (my grandmom) reads this, she feels I have done her justice. I wrote about her previously in a post entitled Blue Glass & Ivory Soap.


  1. I really enjoyed this and the style you wrote it in. I'm sure you did her proud and you also told the story of so many women of that generation I think.

  2. Oh, Jackie...this gave me a lump in my throat. Very beautiful and so well written. LOVE it! XO

  3. I absolutely loved this! Loved your prose and voice...and her story! Well done! :)

  4. This is such a beautiful tribute, and a gorgeous sentiment. I'm sure she's so very proud that you wrote shared her story.

  5. Jac, this is an amazing tribute to an amazing woman. I am honored to know her and be a part of your and her life (even if not by blood). AWESOME!

  6. I feel as though I know her without ever meeting her. Thank you for sharing your family with us!

  7. I echo Meredith--wonderful style. I thought of my own grandmother when reading have nailed her life (except she had ten, not six. ;) .)

  8. What a beautiful tribute! I thought about doing that prompt myself but I didn't think I could do my grandmother justice. This was perfect.


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