Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Road Trip!

We had a wonderful play date yesterday with my good friend Ashley, her husband Chris, and their little boy Aiden. We went to Giggleberry Fair in Peddler's Village, New Hope PA. For $12 per adult, and nothing, since our kids were under 2, we played and threw foam balls in a indoor climbing area, went fishing in a duck pool, danced on a huge lit up dance floor, climbed aboard a truck and picked some vegetables in the pretend area, and went around and around on a carousel Not any carousel but "new fully restored 1922 Philadelphia Toboggan Company (P.T.C.) carousel installed in July 1998. The new carousel is grander and much more colorful than its all-white predecessor." Our first time on, Moira didn't quite know what to make of the horse. I thought she was vibrating from the music, but alas, I figured out she actually was shaking because she a little bit nervous. By the third trip around, she was old pro! Laughing and waving to Ashley who was sitting on the bench. It was great time and I think besides being able to share this trip with Aiden, Ash, & Chris, it was also fun because it was basically empty there.
I must confess two things:
1. I had to eat my words from a previous post. I mentioned that we are usually late because of Bryan. We ended up getting to Peddler's Village at 10:55, instead of 10:30. It was kind of my fault- there was a detour and I didn't allow for that.
2. I got lost coming home.
If you know me in real life, then that shouldn't surprise you. I have very poor directional skills. Bryan likes to say that I could get lost in a closet. I am getting better. I have learned to relax now when I get lost, especially the further away I am from a city. For example if I got lost coming home from the NJ Aquarium, you can believe the radio would be off, both hands would be on the wheel and I would have Bry on speakerphone as fast as I could.
No one should be driving alone lost in Camden NJ.
Now if I get lost like I did on Tuesday in the greater New Hope area, it's really not too big of a deal. The radio actually stayed on and I kept two hands on the wheel, more so because I was afraid of cows walking across the road. After about 20 minutes of circling, I found a road I knew and made it home.
I called Bry when I did get home because I was so proud of myself. I got lost and didn't freak out and call him in tears. (Yes, that has happened!)
I made it home from our little road trip in one piece with my kid asleep in the back with no idea that anything out of the ordinary happened.
When we do go to the Philadelphia Zoo or the Aquarium, you bet I will have solid directions in hand!!

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  1. Notwifezilla, you should ask for a GPS for the next ocasion you celebrate - they are absolutely marvellous. I also tend to get lost but with this little piece of technology, my fears are over and I arrive where I am supposed to be!!


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