Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Five

There are numerous bloggers out there that have day related themes. Tracey, of Cheese and Whine has been known to do Thankful Thursdays, while I remember others doing the Way back Wednesday where they add pics from the past (be it their child or self) and my personal favorite from Jaci on Ravings of a Mad Housewife and her Blog Fart Fridays!
I took my inspiration from facebook's social application. I figured also, that I couldn't be the first person to think of this so I googled "Friday five" and the responses I got were weak. (Basically five questions like name your favorite boy's name? Or what quality do want to share with a friend?) Seriously, that's the best they could do?
So instead of five questions, I'm going to pose one question and give my FIVE answers (a la Facebook).

Today's first question:
What do you look forward to this summer?
1. The Beach
Not the bathing suit that needs to be worn on the beach, but the ocean, the sand, that relaxing sea breeze! I love it. I'm also excited to see how Mo does in the ocean w/Bry. Last year she was too little to really get it, but I think come the end of August, we may have a little fish on our hands.
2. Pedicures
Summer is the ultimate excuse for bi-monthly pedicures. I don't understand how people who never had one say they don't like them. It's heaven and your feet look a whole helluva lot better then when you came into the salon.
3. Flip Flops
It kind of goes with Pedicures, but I love summer (and spring and fall) because I get to wear my flip flops. I love that my toes breather and I even kind of like the flip flop sound.
4. Getting a tan
I know this is bad for me. I know I can get skin cancer. I know the sun causes wrinkles, BUT I look a lot better (and thinner) when I'm tan. Also I get the most compliments about "how healthy I look" when I'm tan. Go figure?
5. Weddings
My cousin Taryn is getting married on June 6 and my good friend Aly is tying the know on July 17. I have heard other people complain about summer weddings- it's hot, it's sticky, you get sweaty! I look forward to weddings anytime of year. Taryn's wedding will be special because she is having a more laid back wedding and reception and actually invited Mo! We already have her dress and sandals picked out and thankfully Taryn told me her actual ceremony will be 10-15 minutes. NICE! Aly is having a more formal affair and since her wedding to Rob will be in Northern NJ, it will be the first sleepover Mo will have with Grandpops and Gram. Besides the wedding,and reception, I'm stoked that I will actually be able to sleep in for a morning!

If you read this, feel free to respond with your own five. I'd love to see what everyone else thinks. If this turns out okay, maybe I'll do it every week.
Have a happy Memorial day and enjoy the unofficial start of summertime!

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