Monday, May 18, 2009

A Perfect Little Person

The first 8 months or so of her life, Mo was more an appendage to me then an actual person. She had a personality but for the most part she depended on me (and Bry) for everything. She didn't have any real preferences for things and just kind of went along with whatever we were doing.
Things started to change once she started walking. With those steps, she developed a sense of freedom and adventure. She enjoyed exploring around going under and through things. Sometime between then and now she became a little person.
She has her favorite toys - Bitty Baby, Blocks, and ball, her favorite books- Chicka Chicka ABCS and Pat the Bunny and television shows - Blue's Clues and Yo Gabba Gabba. She loves dogs and will start screeching with excitement whenever she sees one. She is starting to follow directions, well at least for me. She still won't listen to Bry when he tells her to pick up the cup and put it on the table! She's begun to use sign language, and will ask for more, milk, and cookie. She also knows what NO! means and has taken to using it herself especially when we're trying to get her to eat more. She watches intently as we do things like talk on the phone or give hugs, and then tries to mimic them herself. She seems to understand more and more everyday!
I don't know when it happened, but my baby became a toddler. She no longer relies on Bry and I for things. She is curious and interested. She is Moira, the little girl who laughs and smiles and makes everyone around her laugh and smile.
We experimented with coloring for the first time on Friday. Notice the smock and how she kept the coloring on the box for the most part at least.
She's a budding Picasso!

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