Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Moira has loved her rubber duckies since she was really small. She has four- two typical yellow ducks, one smaller size one which she loves to chew the beak and walk around with in her mouth (classy, I know), and a cow duck. (A duck that looks like a cow.) Cute idea, but I can see that this may be problematic in the future trying to explain, it's body is in the shape of a duck but it is painted to look like a cow.
AS usual, I digress.
Like most moms of toddlers out there, I usually have to use the bathroom with the door open. God only knows what SOS (Spawn of Satan) would get into in the event she had the freedom of no adult supervision. So, I'm doing my business in the bathroom upstairs where Mo's rubber ducky collection lies next to the tub. Mo comes sauntering in and goes for the ducks. In the meantime, I finish, wipe, and go to stand up. In that two seconds, Mo throws her rubber duck into the toilet.
I'm guessing she wanted to see it swim.
We're heading to Babies R Us this afternoon to buy toilet locks and I think from now on her duckies are going out of reach, at least when I'm in the bathroom!

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