Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Five

Easy topic this week:
Things that are annoying me.

1. My hair
I recently went in for a trim and for some ungodly reason the hair dresser mistook my comment about taking an inch or so off to mean CHOP it ALL off!! I've never had hair this short and it's growing on me! (Ha! I'm so puny!) The worst part of the hair thought goes back to November. I went to my usual salon, got trim by my usual stylist and when I went home and attempted to style my own hair the next day, the right hairs near my hairline would not stay down. I'm talking sticking straight up like Alfalfa. I spent the next two months wearing headbands, and using gel/hairspray/whatever to keep the hairs in place. I have since been back and have prohibited both the typical stylist and then chopperella to touch this section of my hair- but alas, it still sticks up!
2. My husband and his snoring
I can't handle it anymore!!! He snores like there's no tomorrow. That is when he is wearing the breathe right. If I make to sleep before he comes up and don't wake up when he comes to bed, I'm fine. Lately, though, I've been waking up when he comes up and he's out by the time his head hits the pillow, leaving me to toss and turn and plug my ears.
3. The whole Jon & Kate debacle
Unless you live under a rock, all the Jon & Kate crap has been all over the tabloids, talk shows, and even on my local evening news. (I kid you not!) My two cents: cancel the show, let the kids live their lives camera free, and invite the other two the summer hit: Big Brother so they can iron out their issues without the children but with the option of the public viewing it all two to three times per week.
4. The weather
We had a beautiful weekend. Warm, summer like, and it was perfect to play outside. Since Monday, it's been BLAH! My aforementioned hair looks even more craptastic as the humidity is now causing it too be a frizzy mess and the ground is so wet today that I can't even let Mo run in the small piece of grassy land that separates our townhouse from the other unit.
5. The Real Housewives of New Jersey
I hate those women with a passion. It's bad enough The Sopranos gave the illusion that most NJ housewives were like Carmella- driving around in her Cayenne Porsche SUV with her big hair, gold jewelry and fake nails. I feel like they basically just picked a family that best resembles the Sopranos and tossed the idea of a show to them. I know no one like them and I'm a NJ housewife!!! Fake boobs, hair, nails, tans, and class - I think they may push NJ back to the '80's. At least the RHoCalifornia and the RHoNY the ladies had careers beside mooching of their husbands. It's so freaking fake it kills me.
Plus, they're called BOOBS or BOOBIES- LONG O. Bubbies are more then one Polish grandmothers.

Ahh, I feel relived mow that I got that out. Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. JAC, AWESOME BLOG. maybe we should move in together and let bry and chris share a room...they might make for a wonderful couple, and we could have contests who snore louder (and fall asleep even faster when hitting the pillow). jon and put it mildly.
    love you. the updated pic of your hair looks awesome =)


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