Thursday, May 21, 2009


I was tempted to label this entry "One Hot Mess" but I figured that might be stretching it a bit, plus who knows what my kid will be like come puberty. (I shiver as I write that sentence!!)
So, apparently sometime between last week and this, my kid has turned into S.O.S.- Spawn of Satan! It's like a switch has been turned. No longer just curious, now S.O.S. is getting all Diva on us. (Think Whitney Houston a la the Bobby Brown years minus the coke habit of course!)
Two nights ago we had gnocchi and meat sauce for dinner. She's always been relatively good eating with her hands. She's our kid, so when she sees food, she eats. That is until Tuesday.
This is how she looked half-way through the meal. I know it's not too bad, however you didn't see the matted pieces of tomatoes from the sauce stuck in her hair.

With every reminder to put her food in her mouth, S.O.S. decided to touch her hair or forehead.
Wednesday wasn't any better. She learned a new trick. When you take a sip from your straw cup it's fun to let your mouth fill with water (or later milk) and then let it spill out the sides of your mouth, down your shirt. Keep doing it, especially when your mom is in the bathroom.

She's signing "more" because after coming back from the bathroom I discovered her shirt saturated with water and swiped the cup from her hands

Full on DIVA MODE when I said no more to the cup.

This new act was also displayed at dinner too with her glass of milk. From what Bry told me, he was scared upstairs when he heard me scream "That is NOT HOW WE DRINK OUR MILK!" in the kitchen. Now she is not allowed a cup without a monitor present.

I attempted to put her into the stroller yesterday to go for a walk around our development and then a swing at the playground. She kept arching her back, kicking her feet and screeching. My GOD I thought someone would call DYFS. You thought I was beating her. As I was attempting to put the straps around her she slid through the bottom of the stroller. Then, she did it- she laughed! S.O.S.!
This was not the only incident this week that has me thinking The Body Snatchers but the laugh nearly put me over the edge.
Yes, that proverbial edge I heard my mother talk about, most of the time in relation to my sister and her attitude growing up. That edge where my mother was known to say something to the effect of "I know why Mother's leave their children", "I know why some animals eat their young" or "I think I just might go for a drive and never come home". Of course we were in middle school when she would say this and we knew she would never really leave us, except for that time she went out for a long drive (like an hour) after a fight and did scare us.
I get it now Mom.
I'm Sorry!

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  1. At least you were at your home when she pulled the stoller bit. I have had that happen in the grocery store when all mothers pass by and stare. As if there kids have never done that before! Oh, the joys... :)


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