Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Black Eyes and Pig Tails

Even though it's only Wednesday, Mo already had an eventful week. On Monday night, we made the trek to my hometown to pay our respects to my Aunt's sister Trina who passed away suddenly at the age of 47. God bless you Trina.
Instead of me driving to Bry's work and then switching cars, allowing him to drive Mo in her car seat back home and me driving to the service by myself, I had the great idea to just pick up Bry at work on the way and all go together. In my head, it seemed like a good idea. We'd go in together to the funeral home, pay our respects, and then head out. Unfortunately reality had a different plan for us.
First off- I forgot the local town Dogwood Festival (yes, a fair in honor of a tree. Don't get me started. There's a queen and everything. Don't believe me? Check out Tracey's blog She was the Dogwood queen of 1995 and it's item number 97 on her list.) So back to the festival, the funeral home is located about one block from the park. Needless to say, parking at 6 O'clock wasn't too easy. Then we get to the funeral home and a long line had already formed. As we walked to the front of the home, I saw my brother and then my sister and parents and Great Aunt Mary all come together. We go in together as Bry decides to hang out in the back of the funeral home to wait.
Like I said, the line was long and there were beautiful pictures of Trina and her family throughout her life. There were pictures I remember seeing at my Aunt Celine's house. Pictures of Trina with her son Jesse, and lots of pictures of Trina with my cousins. It took us some time to get to her family members. After giving hugs and condolences I noticed Bryan frantically waving to me in the back of the funeral home.
Apparently he had taken Mo outside since it was getting filled inside. Obviously there isn't a park or playground nearby and after holding her flailing body for 10 minutes, he decided the blacktop driveway was the safest place to put her.
She fell flat on her face.
It took her a good ten minutes to stop crying. Immediately a bruise formed right under her cheek and she had a little brush burn too.
My poor baby got her first shiner!

These pictures were taken two days after the fall.

Last night after Bryan apologized for the hundredth time, Mo was playing on the floor in our living room. He mentioned how nicely her hair is coming in. As I sat down next to her, I started playing with her hair a bit and realized it WAS getting long.
Long enough for


I think since they are still in the small stage, I'll call them piglet tails. This is an important milestone in having a little girl.
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  1. Boo for the black eye and yay for pig tails. Enjoy it. Amelia won't let me put them in anymore! She looks adorable with them!

  2. poor baby with a black eye. Sadly, it probably won't be her last.

    LOVE the pig tails. When Colin was little, he loved having them in his hair. But, we called them horns, he was a boy, ya know :)


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